Your Journey To Seville And Back


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Tuesday bus from Cumbernauld to Manchester then flight Manchester to Alicante
Wednesday bus from Alicante to Seville then left Seville at 3am got to Alicante at 10am

Then Friday flight Alicante to a Manchester and bus back to cumbernauld got home at half 8


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Perth, Australia to Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar to Madrid, Spain
Train to and from Seville
Madrid, Spain to Doha, Qatar (where I’m currently sitting waiting on the flight to board which looks to be late)
Doha, Qatar to Perth, Australia
Outstanding effort mate.


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40 mins on a train to Birmingham airport
2.5 hour flight to Malaga
Stayed in Malaga
2 hour drive to seville
Stayed in Seville
Same journey in reverse on the way back.
Hamilton,Glasgow,Warrington,Manchester airport,✈️Nantes,✈️Seville,Malaga,cancelled flight to Brussels, ✈️Milan,✈️Manchester,Glasgow,Hamilton knackered


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LAX - Dublin
Dublin - Malaga
Malaga - Benelmadena

Benelmadena to Seville via rental car on day of game.
Driving down those mad wee lanes in Seville was a right laugh.

Malaga - Dublin
12 hours in Dublin Airport
Dublin - LAX

Home last night

Worth every minute to see us in a European Final with my dad


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Car from Plymouth to Heathrow and overnight stay in Heathrow on the Monday night. Flight from Heathrow to Madrid Tuesday morning then a flight from Madrid to Malaga. Overnight stay Tuesday night in a hotel in Malaga and train to Seville Wednesday Morning.
Overnight stay in my concrete bed in the car park at Seville translation and the train back to Malaga on Thursday morning. Flight from Malaga to Madrid then another flight from Madrid to Malaga.
Final leg was to drive back to Plymouth from Heathrow.
No major delays, so quite straightforward, but not too sure I want many more nights in a car park floor at 65yo :))

Oso de España

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Not epic at all. I drove from Casares for just over two hours to Sevilla.

Booked my Airbnb months ago, after Red star, and it turned out five minutes from the alameda so that was absolutely brilliant.

Went up on the Tuesday and drove back down on the Thursday.

If you ever go back to Sevilla, check out a restaurant called Az-Zait, close to the alameda. We had a five course tasting lunch for 37€ a skull and it was out of this world.

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Monday: Glasgow Stansted Faro -Taxi to Seville between six of us.

Friday: What should have happened was Bus to Faro - Faro Birmingham Glasgow at 14:30. Loads of time. No be any issues.

What actually happened was daft arse here lost/got dipped for his passport and wallet and had to pay for an emergency travel document on Wednesday and got word to collect it on Friday. In Malaga. The Faro route is now binned. Gets down there by train by 9am and it's in hand by 9:30. My new flights are a mid evening flight Malaga Düsseldorf on Friday - early morning flight Düsseldorf Edinburgh on Saturday.

Hang about Malaga for 6 hours at the train station guarding my new passport and phone like it's gold bullion because it's the now the only way I've got of paying for anything and it's got my flight passes on it. Head out to the airport mid afternoon and hang about there killing time until my flight. I've 10 hours in Düsseldorf so book a hotel room as well. Decent kip will see me right for Saturday thinks I. The flight gets delayed by hours and the hotel sleep becomes a power nap and a shower before I'm away again.

Up this morning and honestly, I walk in that airport at 5am for a 7am flight and I think the only place I've seen more folk in one place at one time is a football stadium. A quick look at the boards and there's 64 flights out from 6am to 7:58am. It was pandemonium. Took me an hour and 20 minutes to get through the boarding pass check, security and passport control where I get the grilling of my life for having a Spain issued ETD and I am now in Germany. Eventually he gives me the all clear and I'm on my way.

I was seriously impressed by how quickly they got folk through though because I was sure I was missing my flight when I got there.

Obviously my Edinburgh flight gets delayed by an hour but we get to Edinburgh no problem and I get through security in five minutes as my new short lived passport gets confiscated at passport control. I'm told they're sending it somewhere but he could have set it on fire right there and then for all I cared. I was back on home turf and that felt a long way off at times during the week. Back in the house at 10:30am this morning, quick bite to eat and get changed and I'm back out at 11:30 for the supporters bus. A great ending to the season, two wonderful goals and the team collect a well earned trophy but I am truly done in now. Back home at 8pm and I'll be in my bed shortly.

On a final note, the Spanish transport infrastructure is out of this world. Cost me £45 to get from Seville to the airport and the train was like business class seats on a plane. The only worrying point was getting to Cordoba and the entire carriage emptied except for me. Everybody gets off and half a dozen folk get on. This seems quite unusual but it's one way to Malaga so it'll be sound. And then the train went back out the way it came in. I'm not going to lie, I near shat myself. Am I supposed to be on a new train was my first thought. Quickly asked a Spanish woman if we were going to Malaga and the look on my face with relief was enough to set her off laughing. And again when she got off at the next stop when she walked past me. Gave her a laugh anyway even if the arse nearly fell out of mine for a few seconds. I've had a few lessons learned this trip that will never be repeated. I hope. Not losing your passport is rule no1 though. It always is.