Your view 1/4 through season?


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Now the dust has settled, what’s your view in terms of winning trophies and most importantly the league.

For me, there is no doubt we have the beating of cel’ic, we treat it like a European game and ensure we’re compact and well organised. We don’t over extend ourselves because we know the opposition will come out and it’ll allow us space to attack.

I still have a nagging doubt about our ability to beat the others with the same regularity that cel’ic do but we’re definitely improving in that area.

My biggest concern however is the players mentality, can we deal with the pressure? Previous ‘false dawns’ means it is a legitimate question and one that won’t go away until we win a trophy. We’re maturing as a team and I‘m confident can take the next step.

I can’t remember an OF game as easy as that, we’ve dominated the last 3 (none of which have been at Ibrox).

It’s far too early to say with any certainty one way or another but after first round of games we seem well placed. That’s with us being away to cel’ic, Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell and Livingston.

Let’s Go

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I’d have taken 9 wins and 2 draws - particularly a win against them so have to be happy.

I’d have taken being in the group stage and still unbeaten in Europe too.

mots all pointing upwards and the overall picture is why when a 0-0 v livi happens we need to recognise that as a blip

It does feel that the coaching staff and players no longer fear them

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We still have a couple of gears to go through.

Hagi, Roofe, Aribo not playing yesterday. Zungu to come in.

Their next 3 league fixtures are away to Aberdeen, Hibs and Motherwell.

Keep the foot on their neck Rangers.


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On track for 100 points, 90 goals for and 10 goals against.

Delighted. 9 clean sheets as well. In fact in 11 games only Hibs scored against us, as the other goal conceded was an OG.

Only one game we haven't played well was livi away.

Its been a tremendous start to the season for us


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Everything minus the dropped points at Livingston and Hibs seems so routine like it’s just no big deal, including the win against that lot

Willem ii away from home - Nae bother, we’ll give them a european debut to remember
Galatasaray - consider it done
Celtic - nice and easy, won’t even need to get out of second gear

Loving the buzz about the place even though we can’t be there in person to enjoy it.


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My view so far is I can’t see how we can expect any more from the players / staff, we are still undefeated ( only team to beat us since the restart is leverkusen ) have won 12/14 league games , qualified for Europa league again despite a very hard draw , only conceded 4 goals and just made a statement in the first old firm away from home.

I hear what ur saying about mentality however when u look at the points we have dropped , Livingstone regardless of what anyone says is always gonna be one of those fixtures where ALL teams may drop points because the pitch really is that bad - see last season where they only conceded 8 goals all year on it , secondly hibs away I’m not concerned about - there have been better teams than this go to Easter road and lose , we still managed to draw there .

I absolutely buy into nothing is won yet but for me all signs are extremely positive And we are seeing signs that we are building a very strong squad capable of developing the mentality and consistency required to win titles - which is what it’s all about

55 is coming .....


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Exactly it’s only a quarter of season gone.

We need to focus on next game, as we have done so far, you get 3pts for Livi win as you do for yesterday.


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Completing the first block of fixtures top of the league without Roofe, Aribo and Jack for large spells of it is extremely encouraging.

Those three and Zungu being available will give us serious strength in depth going forward.


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Been a very good start to the season for us including Europe. Domestically we've been a stunning save and a shocking miss away from 11 wins out of 11. There is a still a long way to go this season we now need to go on a run of wins to ramp up the pressure on them.

Chris the Bandito

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I’m waiting on the seethe from the precious little divas who decided after Livi the league was over there and then, or the guys who decided last year Gerrard isn’t up to the job.


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I felt the same after the 2-1 game at new year

I thought we’d keep going but we couldn’t match the first half of the season.

They khunts were relentless with win after win

For how good we were and how bad they were they will still win the majority of their games.

My fear is we could easily beat them 4 times this season but drop silly points at Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and these type of places we historically don’t do well at

What I would say is we have a better squad this year and will rotate more I feel so hopefully we will cope better


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So far, so good.
Squad has improved.
Players look stronger and fitter.
Better defensively.
Less reliant on Alfredo.
Cautiously optimistic.


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The games we dropped points in we created umpteen chances and missed some sitters. That was the frustrating part, especially after the bheggars dropped points at Kilmarnock and had games postponed. We missed an opportunity there to pull well ahead.

We've responded well.

Defence has been a lot more assured and are keeping clean sheets.

Goals coming from all over the park.

Clear work on our set pieces - defensively and offensively. Credit to Culshaw.

Europe was fantastic yet again from Gerrard and players.

A willingness to tweak set ups and formations pre match and in-play. Yesterday was as good as it gets from Gerrard. Absolutely spot on the money in every way possible. The reaction at full time was extremely pleasing - like a routine win.

We are learning.

Now we've got to kick on, move up the gears and put those winning runs together. We've got to be ruthless, turn those dropped points into wins and see matches out. We are four ahead, one if they win their game in hand. It's advantage Rangers.

Over the last two seasons we've slipped up and failed to apply pressure. That's got to change.

I go into every European game with a relaxed attitude. We are a good side. Next Sunday on the other hand will be different, a must win.

Focus on ourselves.


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Keep doing what we're doing, and this will be our title.
We still have players to come back into the team, giving the manager more choices on match day.
Right now, we're in a good place.


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Although I think we are better this year I feel less excited at this stage this year than I did last year. The collapse in the second half of last year is still too fresh in my memory. I actually think to win the league we need to beat the tarriers 3-4 times or 3 wins and a draw as I believe we will drop more points against the lesser teams. But I am very happy, some of our passing is exceptional and Goldson and Helander are a great partnership. If we get our injured players back and we keep a winning streak then things could go very well. We have played 11 games in the league, if we could get to 20 and still be unbeaten (preferably winning the next 9) then maybe I will start to believe.


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Sitting in a great place. Ahead in the league having been to Parkhead, Pitoddrie, Easter Road, Livingston and Fir Park.

Qualified for Europa League group stages.

3 out of next 4 league games at home. The biggie is Kilmarnock at Rugby Park in a fortnight. Celtic have 3 games in the same period, at Aberdeen, Fir Park and Easter Road. Big few weeks ahead. We might - just might - be sitting very pretty in the league in a few weeks time.

Zungu to come into the squad. Roofe and Aribo to come back in.

For the first time in a long time, it feels as though the pressure is really on Celtic. They are a couple of games away from being in full on crisis mode. Now they might play their way out of it - it is certainly possible they beat Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibs. But, equally, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them drop points in one or more of those games.

As someone said in a thread earlier today, it just feels different this time. Now of course it could all change quickly. Maybe we drop points at Kilmarnock. Maybe we have a sluggish home performance after a Europa League Thursday night and drop points we shouldn’t. But, for whatever reason, it just feels like this group of players are hungry, highly professional and have the right mentality.

Roll on the second quarter. No silly slip ups. Foot firmly on the gas and let’s see where we are in 6 weeks time.
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