Youtuber removed from Ibrox v lyon

Ninth Uranium

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Probably assumed he was a rangers fan given he had Scottish accent and was rightly asked to leave for security reasons.
The Scottish accent will have sealed his fate, nothing to do with the team he supports. He could have found himself in trouble had some French fans took a dislike to him.
A lot of crap about guys in suits removing him, it would have been security that papped him out.


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Did anyone see any of the trouble he mentioned. It must have been really early from the info in that write up. Also they looked like they only had 20 fans there so not sure who was fighting. Did anyone see it to know this happened?
Happened right outside club72 according to the guy I was sitting next to at the game. Minor scrapping


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Poor Declan turned up on the wrong night , did no-one tell him the anti cafflick hate the oirish bonanza was changed last minute to kick out an arse hole night....shame that , did he get his money back lol


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Good. Strange behaviour indeed. However, what would he have been ejected for?

The only reason The Unwashed want to be there is to provoke a reaction and then play the VicTim card, with the like of FARE sitting in the stand, ready to report us.

It is a preemptive strike against our club and the club were absolutely correct to not allow them to execute their plan.

There is no reason whatsoever for any person with strong Celtic allegiances to be in our stadium.

We need to state that Celtic fans have gone out of their way on dozens of occasions to cause our club trouble and we are not willing to allow that to happen anymore.

The Redcoat

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I've watched his latest vid on Youtube and he said it was either because they knew he's a Celtic vlogger or because he has a Scottish accent. The latter is quite clearly the reason he was kicked out. A Scottish accent in the Lyon end would obviously be a security risk.

Him being recognised as a Celtic vlogger seems highly unlikely. I've certainly never heard of him and i've never seen him mentioned on the Kerryfail thread where most of these youtubers end up. He has a tiny channel which has only recently started to get decent views, likely due to him being in the papers.

I think the fact he was walking around the stand by himself talking into a camera may have given away the fact he was a vlogger. Not difficult to spot a vlogger by their behavior.


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A lot of posts without looking at the article or watching the video. The guy seems ok, strange that we'd feel the need to kick him out.