Zidane and Michael Laudrup, ridiculous skills


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Michael Laudrup was so good that Brian wasn't even close to him. And we all know how good Brian was...


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Cruyff was sensational, my dad took me to Ibrox in 1973 to watch Rangers v Ajax in the super cup game and Cruyff that night just mesmerised me, he was quite brilliant, I remember reading about him much later, he was basically a freak of nature , smoked, drinker, and was a poor trainer, but was electric over the first 5 yards, what a player he was, must be in the top 5 ever.
I was at that game as well. Brilliant team. We actually played quite well but had no chance.
Ach have Cruyff too

I'll be watching these later, to young for Cruyff. Caught a bit of Laudrup and saw Zidane at his best. I remember watching him for Bordeaux in '96 uefa cup final, then telling mates to watch him at euro' 96. Don't think he really turned up that summer, but was off to Juve anyway.


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Fabulous videos. How many times did the fat Ronaldo score by going round the keeper and can you imagine how wonderful it must have been having him and Zidane in the same team.
Pele, Maradona and Messi probably vie for greatest ever player.
Who would be the greatest European, Cruyff, Zidane or another?
Cruyff for me but Zidane was close.


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Zidane one removed but micheal laudrup ,my word .outrageous skills and how many defence splitting passes are in the video .unreal up there with the biggest names the game has seen .thanks for posting


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Makes you pine for the traditional playmaker. These days, the game is more about pace and athleticism and I do miss a wee guy who could beat a man with skill and run a game from the middle of the park.


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Zidane is one of my favourite ever players. An absolute genius with the ball at his feet, his close control and first touch were incredible.