Has he checked in at the club yet? Surprised by the lack of a pic at Auchenhowie with a scarf above his head! Maybe he’s being saved for the press conference tomorrow morning?
Hopefully a double exclusive sat alongside Jack Wilshere!


Maybe we questioned his bubble?

Ahead of a huge week - likely not worth the risk. He was never starting, so likely just keep him away until he’s 100% clear?
Hopefully it’s nothing more than that. Never expected him to be involved at the weekend, just surprised there’s not been any sort of photo shoot officially announcing his arrival.


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But wouldn’t he need to isolate for 14 days once he arrives in the UK as it’s on the list
I really don’t know because I don’t live there
To the best of my knowledge professional sports people don't need to isolate as they are getting tested every other day unlike the public so are free to travel to and from if they are away with their club or country unlike bolongoli who fancied a few days in the sun
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