How Many Australians Have Played for Rangers?

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Scottish Premiership side Rangers have had many international players in their squad over the past fifty years, most of which came from England. Rangers have also fielded players from Northern Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and, incredibly, from over 50 other countries.

The question being asked here is, have Australians ever played for Rangers, and if so, how many? Let’s dive in to find out.

Have any Australian footballers ever played for Rangers?

Yes. Several Australians have, at some point, played for Rangers.

Some of the biggest named players  who have had spells with Rangers are the following:

  • Name: Craig Moore. Position: Defender. Dates: September 1993 – January 2005. Matches played: 176. Goals scored: 12
  • Name: Matt McKay. Position: Midfielder. Dates: July 2011 – January 2012. Matches played: 4. Goals scored: 0
  • Name: Jason Cummings. Position: Centre-Forward. Dates: January 2018 – May 2018. Matches played: 18. Goals scored: 6
  • Name: Tony Vidmar. Position: Defender. Dates: December 1997 – November 2002. Matches played: 146. Goals scored: 10
  • Name: Kevin Muscat. Position: Defender. Dates: June 2002 – August 2003. Matches played: 25. Goals scored: 0
  • Name: Francesco Stella. Position: Midfielder. Dates: August 2012 – January 2013. Matches played: 2. Goals scored: 0

Many of these Aussies were great players in their home country – either starting there or returning there. Lots of punters in Australia would’ve noticed the teams these players turned out for among the favourites for the league title in their respective seasons – with Jason Cummings most recently posting great numbers in the race of top goal scorer (eventually winning). Their time at Rangers was significant because it’s still unusual to see Aussies playing in Europe, but it’s becoming more common.

Jason Cummings came from Nottingham Forest and then returned to them after leaving Rangers. Francesco Stella came from Siena FC and then went to Melbourne Victory.

Matt McKay came from Brisbane Roar and went to Busan IPark. Kevin Muscat came from Wolverhampton Wanderers and went to Millwall FC.

Tony Vidmar came from NAC Breda and didn’t play for anyone else after his spell at Rangers ended. Finally, Craig Moore came from Crystal Palace and went to Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Where are Rangers in the league right now?

Rangers are currently in second place behind Celtic in the second phase of the 2023/24 Scottish Premiership. They have played 33, won 23, drawn 3, lost 6, scored 72, and conceded 23, which gives them a +49-goal difference and 75 points.

Celtic are just three points above Rangers with 78 points. Rangers’ next league game is on Sunday, April 28, at 12:30 GMT when they travel away to play St Mirren.

Their next league game is at home to Kilmarnock at 13:00 on May 5, and then on May 11, they face their biggest challenge yet when they travel away for a 12:30 kick-off against fierce rivals Celtic.

Can Rangers win the league?

The quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to find out if Rangers can leapfrog Celtic and win the 23/24 Scottish Premiership would be to compare the latest odds on today’s most trusted online gambling sites.

On average, Rangers are priced at 3/1 in the fractional odds format, meaning they have a 25% implied probability rate of winning.

Therefore, if you were to place a £20.00 bet on Rangers to win the Scottish Premiership outright, and they end up winning the league, your total returns would be £80.00. This would include a profit of £60 and your initial £20 stake returned.

Final thoughts

Although there are no Australians currently playing for Rangers, we could one day see another Aussie player wearing a Rangers shirt, but who that person might be remains to be seen.

Finally, if you decide to place a wager on Rangers or any other betting market, remember to stick to betting at licensed and regulated iGaming sites controlled by trustworthy operators.

Never gamble while tired or intoxicated, and try to remain within your budget by placing sensible bets and not silly outsider/underdog bets, which have less of a chance of returning you a profit.

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