How Rangers fixtures will work out for season 2018-19

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The Premiership fixtures for 2018/19 are released on Friday 15th June 2018 with the opening games taking place on the weekend of 4th/5th August 2018, since we didn’t win the League we again start away on that weekend which like the season just past will be the Sunday due to other fixtures affecting them in fact we might not have a Saturday game throughout August 2018 depending what happens.

Early TV selections should be made within 14 days of the fixtures be released that cover August and thereafter at certain points throughout the season

The SPFL also confirmed that the winter break has been retained and that takes place from Monday 31st December 2018 to Friday 18th January 2019 inclusive while the last games take on Sunday 19th May 2019 for the top 6

We enter the League Cup at the 2nd round and due to UEFA using all midweeks in August means this round is now on the weekend and will take place on 18th/19th August 2018 and while the SPFL have yet to release other dates the Final is most likely be 1st December 2018, a week later than the 2017 Final. The draw for the 2nd round will take place on conclusion of the group stage which takes place 14th July to 28th July 2018

For the Scottish Cup we enter again at the 4th round and the 1st game after winter break is in that competition on the weekend of 19th/20th January 2019 with other round dates 5th round 9th February 2019, Quarter-final 2nd March 2019, Semi-finals on 13th/14th April 2019 while the Final is on Saturday 25th May 2019

We now turn to Europe and the Europa League qualifiers, the draw for qualifying rounds 1 & 2 takes place on Tuesday 19th June 2018 in Nyon, Switzerland where UEFA headquarters are based.

After finishing 3rd in the Premiership our entry point is Europa League Qualifying round 1 the dates are 12th July 2018 & 19th July, 2nd qualifying round dates are 26th July 2018 & 2nd August 2018.

With the change in format there is a qualifier every midweek so 3rd qualifying round is on 9th & 16th August 2018, draw takes on 23rd July 2018, the final qualifying round is the Play-off round on 23rd & 30th August 2018 with the draw for that on 6th August 2018

We will be seeded for QR1 but unseeded for QR2 while we should take our opponents seeding for QR3 & the Play-off round draws since those draws are done before the actual round is complete

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