Rangers Don’t Raise The Roofe Against Dundee, But He’s Off Anyway

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Tuesday evening clash between Rangers and Dundee, well in some senses, the way the 90 minutes played out in many ways epitomised our season.

Massive and avoidable clangers, allied with moments of bliss that suggest that under manager Philippe Clement we can all expect so much more at Ibrox in the future. With the right changes over the summer BetBrain would give favourable odds on that happening as well for Gers fans who like a flutter.

Again, the change under our 50 year old Belgium gaffer has been largely night and day from the form that we were seeing under former charge Michael Beale, but despite everything he has got right, and the clear improvements that he has made which we can all see…there is still work to be done.

That work will inevitably take place during the summer transfer window and when Clement has the opportunity to have a full pre season under his belt, and in many ways he would not have learned anything new from the 5-2 victory.

Once again we started woefully slow, with little energy or apparent desire. Clement has pointed this out previously, and despite players being capable of true moments of magic, they are often way too inconsistent and we rely on the magic to make up for the failures that cannot be tolerated if we are to improve.

His pivot to youth, albeit in the face of injuries, would suggest that we are in for a busy summer. Clement wants players he can rely fully on, not just players who show an intensity and a reaction when he gets physically angry.

Dundee would not have taught him anything he did not already know, but it would have confirmed and solidified his thoughts when it came to some players, and with 31 year old striker Kemar Roofe seemingly taking a lap of honour on his own after the game, it does now more strongly imply that the former Leeds favourite is now set for pastures new.

His goals to games record for us is not actually that bad, but so much more was expected from him but he has been plagued with injury issues and form problems, that mean for two of his four seasons with us, we just simply have not seen enough from the Jamaican international.

Fans knew that Roofe was one of the players that was out of contract this summer, and given he stayed out on the Ibrox pitch when his team mates had returned to the dressing room, it does not take much of an educated guess to link it to his goodbye and that after the last two seasons, we are simply cutting our losses and no new deal will be offered.

For those who read it as a goodbye, that was backed up by a social media post from the player on Wednesday who stated that he had walked past Jimmy Bell’s kit room ‘the last time’.

He added to that with a later post that remained wordless, but featured a wing of a plane, presumably taken from the cabin.

It feels unlikely that he will play much, if any, part in our remaining two games of the campaign but it feels a sad end to an Ibrox career that originally promised so much.

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