The cost of the Semi-Final farce could be at least £380,000

Image for The cost of the Semi-Final farce could be at least £380,000

 By Mark Dingwall

Follow Follow can reveal that the SPFL can only move a semi final game from Hampden if they agreed to pay the match fee for both games – the contract stipulates £115,000 per match.  The company which runs Hampden, effectively Queens Park FC, are holding the SPFL to that agreement.

The Scottish Rugby Union who own Murrayfield have asked for a match fee of £120,000 AND 20% of the gate money.   Taking an average of £20 a ticket for the 67,000 capacity rugby ground that is 20% of roughly £1.3million – around £260,000.

The total bill to Scottish football will be in the region of £380,000 for this farce.

Doncaster has apparently gone to “try and sell it to the SPFL Board.”   He hasn’t baulked at these figures.

Missing, as usual, from a leadership role in all this is SPFL Chairman Murdoch MacLennan who also has the unaddressed conflict of interest to face considering his support for Celtic; and his employment at the behest of two major Celtic shareholders.

As I understand it the SPFL will be paying for two games at Hampden come what may – even if only one takes place.   The SRU are playing hardball.

It looks like the solution Doncaster & Co. favour is to throw the punters’ money at the problem and hope the public have short memories.

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