Traditions set the pace for future endeavors. And often, people rely on them when faced with conflicting views. For example, when bingo first started, it was a social game that allowed players to make friends. And per the reviews on bingo apps, holding on to these traditions enabled the game to remain relevant even in the digital age. Football clubs are the same – they have traditions passed down from generation to generation. So, what do the Rangers follow, and how has this impacted their growth?

Following the Rangers’ Traditions

The Rangers have topped the football charts for a long time. Such success takes work and results from their traditions as follows:

  1. Excellence

One of the main traditions of this team is excellence. From the start, the team made waves with better tactics than the other teams. It has continued with its winning streak despite the competition from other teams. As such, when people think of the Rangers, they think of the creme de la creme.

But excellence is not a random outcome. The team holds on to this tradition by banking on the following standards:

  • Professionalism: Everyone in the team must understand their roles and accomplish their goals. The players, managers, and support staff must always lead with their required outputs.

  • Self-discipline: A team comprises many moving parts. And while leaders should guide the team, players must also understand what they should do to help the team. Players who qualify for the Rangers are self-driven and willing to go the extra mile to help the team reach its goals.

  • Leadership: All teams require a leader who can guide everyone in the right direction. They set the pace that the others can follow. And in the Rangers, good leadership has always been at the forefront.

When you combine these factors, understanding why this team shines is easy.

  1. Loyalty

The Rangers are a team and act like one. Their loyalty to everyone who aligns with their team is at the core of their relationships. So, players, managers, support staff, and fans can enjoy knowing someone has their back. However, loyalty is not a blind tradition. Instead, it hinges on the following:

  • Fair treatment: All people deserve the right to fair treatment in and out of the team,

  • Consideration: Decisions are collective based on a culmination of differing views and motives, and

  • Integrity: While the team supports its people, it can only do so in the face of integrity. People who carry out illegal or immoral activities do not receive unquestioning loyalty from others. Instead, the team’s values require them to be held accountable.

As such, loyalty and decency go hand-in-hand.

  1. Respect

The football scene is highly competitive, which can sometimes stir up differences. When left unchecked, these differences can sour relationships in and out of the team. As such, the team’s traditions and values require players to be respectful. This respect trickles down to everyone who interacts with the team, including:

  • The support staff,

  • The fans,

  • The teams they face, etc.

Everyone deserves respect. In upholding this tradition, the Rangers foster an environment that allows equal access to opportunities for all.

  1. Courage

Playing football takes courage. After all, players risk a lot. They can get hurt, fail to make the right move when the stakes are high, etc. As such, the Rangers pass down a tradition of being courageous. And this is not only on the field but also off the field. Players must be courageous enough to do what is right, even when it is hard. Doing this helps them set a standard others can emulate for society’s betterment.

Being part of the Rangers can help fans adopt these important traditions.

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