True Faith – Newcastle fanzine relaunches

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The Newcastle United fanzine True Faith which had gone totally web-based has reissued a paper edition on the streets around St James Park.

True Faith have been one of the main deriving forces opposing Mike Ashley’s reign at the famous North East club.

Some fanzines are so detailed about the clubs they cover that they are almost impenetrable to outsiders – nit so with True Faith.  It’s full of articles about Newcastle but it’s written in a way that even if you’re not a Mags fan you can enjoy the zine.

It’s 48 pages in size and mostly full colour.  All or £2.50 per copy.

It’s got twin main themes – Rafa In and Ashley Out!

Many of the Newcastle fans have finally started to waken up to what has been happening to their club – a rallying cry has been – if he can do in Rangers with 10% of the shares what will be be doing to Newcastle with 100% of them?!

Articles include an analysis of transfer dealing under Ashely  and “Debunking the claims made by Ashley apologists” in the media.  Familiar themes for Rangers fans!

You can buy the mag online –

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