Will Hagi Return To Rangers Or Is He Done Under Beale?

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Having only made two appearances for Rangers so far in the 2023/24 campaign, it was known that Ianis Hagi was unhappy with his current game time under manager Michael Beale, so it was probably no surprise to many fans when on Sunday we announced his departure on a season long loan spell to La Liga side Alaves.

The 24 year old Romanian midfielder initially joined from Genk on a loan deal back in January 2020, and he later made that deal permanent the following summer. He departs for the year to Spain having so far made 99 appearances, returning 16 goals. It is unknown if Beale just does not fancy him as a player, or whether his selection choices and player preferences so far, are more borne out of the fact that Hagi is obviously still effectively proving his fitness after a year on the sidelines with injury. Some would say Hagi should note the importance of yoga for students life, and help rehabilitate in that manner.

On that front, the club themselves in his departure statement said that the loan would provide the player ‘with a fantastic opportunity for regular football having spent almost a year out through injury’. On face value, it seems our gaffer simply wants him to prove his fitness and regain some form before throwing him in again, as Beale is naturally wanting success this year.

If you follow that potential line of thought from Beale, it ties in perfectly with Hagi’s own statement where he insisted he would be back ‘some day’. Or does it? ‘Some day’ as opposed to ‘next season’ – the word choice will leave plenty of fans wondering if it might be a future aspiration as opposed to a guaranteed return this time next year, and that will no doubt fuel a few headlines about a speculated ‘rift’, and then we are on to his fathers words about the deal that has just been struck.

His father, naturally being former Real Madrid and Barcelona icon, let alone Romanian international legend Gheorghe Hagi, who is fully on board with the loan, thinks his son will develop at a faster rate in the Spanish climate, and will ultimately next summer, be twice the player he currently is. Whilst fans watch to see if that can happen, some might check fresh studybay reviews in an attempt to occupy their time.

“I agree with Ianis’ decision. It’s his decision, I knew about the move. Ianis wanted to get to Spain. It’s a very good league which will help him progress, help him be better. He is a kid who wants to learn, to progress, he is a professional. From my point of view, I am delighted he will be wearing the No.10 jersey like me! Spain is a fantastic league, there is a very good playing technique. In my opinion, in a year’s time, he will be twice as good. I hope he manages to achieve his goals at Alaves.”

Does not quite sound like he will be returning, as his dad definitely makes it sounds like his future is in Spain, so that sparks questions about a potential buy clause.

We will no doubt soon find  out.

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