1992 Scottish Cup Semi

Dave Angell

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The Cordurouy Creep first came to prominence around this time, and indeed wrote an article that pretty much rubbished Rangers 10 man heroics and sought to placate himself with the chances that the filth had created ...... (and missed ya ballbag !!)


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Ended up in Devon Street Orange Halls until 6am.

Home to bed (stayed along in Govanhill anyway) then back out to the Pig and Whistle for the back of noon to watch the replay.

oh and

Waddell Waddell get to phuck
Waddell get to phuck!!!!


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Was in the North Stand open terracing and got drenched. Backs to the wall stuff in the second half having got the lead. I have a memory of Blackadder hitting the bar from distance for them and remember thinking at that point this is ours tonight :)


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amazing again that you look back and its still the same with the ref's. Mowbray booked, blatant handball at their corner, we get a free kick and mowbray remains on the pitch.

Stephen Johnston

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I’m clearly biased but Nigel Spackman gave that side a lot of options because he generally played in midfield and broke things up before passing the ball on.

He could also dip back into defence though and so when Stevens or Robertson went forward, he dropped back and maintained the back line.
That Rangers side of the early 1990s was just superb to watch - technically very good but a lot of clever and hard players throughout and if anyone wanted to make it a physical battle then Rangers were more than ready for it.
They could mix it when required!!

D day

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North stand soaked to skin, midnight ferry back to Ulster,half 3 in morning stopped on outskirts of Belfast in car at a checkpoint,cops asked us if happy or sad,we all grinned,got waved through, quality follow follow moment


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Anyone remember why it was midweek?
Can only recall the cup semis being weekends back then


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After Robertson gets sent off watch Walter giving the assistant ref a bollocking for giving his instructions.

A wee reminder as how good McCoist was at link up the play.

I passed my driving license the very next day.
I wanted to go out celebrating this immense win but couldn’t

The Meik's Crombie

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We were in the North Enclosure that night and I was wearing a leather jacket which was not as waterproof as it should have been. It was getting heavier and heavier as the game went on. In addition to being soaked through, I must have weighed about 25 stone by the time I got home.

Nigel Spackman was not a favourite of mine probably due to him selling an equaliser at Ibrox to them and that lump of wood known as Tony Cascarino. However, even I had to admit Spackman was an absolute stand out for us that night.

Fantastic goal from Ally. When that went in, we still had the whole of the second half to face. While Celtic had chances, they, in hindsight, started humping crosses into our penalty which were being cleared by Spackman, Bomber et al. I can’t remember when it was in the second half but we were thinking we can’t take much more of this pressure and they are going to score. Another aimless cross in to the box and I can only describe it as a howl of anger, rage etc came from the Celtic end. It was such a contrast from us thinking we can’t take much more. From that point on, we started to think we can do this.

And we did.

RFC Graham

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Definitely one of my favourite games at Hampden!
We travelled over on a supporters bus & went to the Red Lion, Kinning Park pre match & post match!
The 'no surrender' spirit shown by the players that night, made it most memorable!
Well worth getting a soaking!


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Even now, I don't know what Robertson was meant to do.............

Shocking decision - but, not surprising from Waddell. He was on a par with Clancy. Awful, awful referee.

Can't remember where I was sitting - but defo behind the goal under the cover. The Rangers end had been seated at that point.
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How the hell did Mowbray not get sent off? NUMEROUS fouls after being booked.


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I had a ticket for that match but couldn't make it so my mate went instead.

I ended up watching the game in another friend's house instead, but broke the chair I was sitting on during the celebrations after Coisty scored!
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