55 shopping list


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I might have jumped the gun a bit B-D
Is that a replica of the St Ettiene racing bike you've got there as well mate B-D


Smoke bombs red,white,blue
flares marine ones
still to get mask ,hats,bunting, and sharks defo .
street not going to know what hit it


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Inflatable sharks and union jacks to be precisely placed around my area. Also royal blue Chinese lanterns are being sourced and the obligatory fireworks for the synchronised party.


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I know I know 1 game at a time it’s not done blah blah blah

planning ahead what’s everyone getting for the party

inflatable sharks
Union jack hats
Union Jack suits
Inflatable trophies

what is your 55 party shopping list
A North Korean style giant flagpole with a massive Union Flag and 55 emblazoned on it...
Moving house in Feb,got to put a marker down for the new neighbours

Maw Broon

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A smug smile on my face anytime i come close to a scum fan is enough for me.
the wifes best friend is a scum fan and we bumped into them a week ago when we went out for our exercise walk. The wife asked why i didnt mention football and i just said she would have been suffering enough seeing me with with the smug look it would have been enough. I know she would be seething.
My dad, brother and nephew all have season tickets at the piggery ..... I have kept my powder dry, very dry, however when its sealed I will be INSUFFERABLE

Swindon Gers

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Driving around the city centre setting off fireworks, flares and smokebombs from the car, tying Union Jacks to famous Glasgow landmarks etc.

The man who scales Parkhead and replaces a flag on the roof with a Glasgow Rangers Champions 55 flag will be an absolute legend!
I’ll happily contribute to a go funding page to hire a f@ck off massive cherry picker for that.

Swindon Gers

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I’ll be cracking open a nice bottle of champagne and will raise a glass not only to our league title success but also to my massive Rangers daft dad who is no longer with us, it will be a very, very emotional day for us all when #55 finally comes home.


We should all try coordinate letting fireworks off at ruffly the same time 55 mins past the hour on the day of the title win

similar to this lol


I put up a post about fireworks other day & it got pulled. How good would it be if as many bears as possible set them off at an agreed time.
It would look amazing and definitely let us all show a way of celebrating together maintaining social distance cause you just know the media will be praying we gather at Ibrox or in crowds and hammer us


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We should have a collage of flags shown in obscure places

I’ve defo got few places planned to hoist the colours in the dark of the night

Barcelona Bandit

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A tatoo definately
i remember my mate Stevie and i when in Manchester at our final we both promised we would get a tatoo of the cup if we won so its been a long road back to where we once were and finally we are getting there so a tatoo it is 55
any artists on the bear pit i would welcome your design
What aboot f--k Terry Munro!


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Two No. 5 helium balloons tied together with red, white and blue ribbons and bunting made up of 55 union jacks will be set free and hopefully seen all over EK


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Have got the inflatable shark... Probably buy more.. Have bought Rangers 55 in marine signaling flags for my Rangers Club at home in Poland.. Will buy fireworks and other stuff