Alloa with the patter

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Doing that means that you’re making fun of what the person is saying. So with fans trying to put tonight’s draw into perspective saying that a few years ago we were drawing with Alloa, they joked and retweeted a game where they beat us.


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That game was in the period when my son was reacting badly to milk and throwing up on a near timetable precision. Watched it to 2 - 0 and went to bed as I was knackered. When I checked my phone at about 1am I couldn’t believe what I was seeing


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They'll go bankrupt and the social media rent boy will go back to full-time putting the yellow labels on sandwiches at the co-op


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Fundamentally a lot of the Alloa support are Rangers fans so it's just nonsense that they tweet this
Plenty followed the wasps before Mulraney got his claws into the club. Always far more bears than tims back in the day. Nowadays it's mostly just bitter scotland fans.


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I wish I could block out all those painful memories from my mind!! Again hard to believe how far we’ve come since those dark days


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what a horrible memory that was. had a wee mini panic attack looking back on that. Like all of us, all that shit cut me deep.


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One of the worst results in Rangers history.

I hadn't forgotten it.

Massive progress from those dark days


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Their Hawaiian fans still enjoy this victory, when I wore my Rangers top over there the first thing everyone said to me was "Alloa".



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Shows us how shit we were to how good we are now.

Some of the obsessed were outside lobbing eggs over the wall that night too.


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After nights like tonight, looking back on that feels particularly grim.

no other club would have survived what we went through. We were a very loyal (and patient) support when we look back.

Celtic have a few bad results and they are protesting in the car park like idiots.

even the likes of Man Utd, liverpool, Chelsea etc would not have survived what we went through


Poor Mike must've got bored sitting in his car waiting for his business partner to turn up under the cloak of darkness.