Andy King on loan

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Hi all,

First time poster but I thought I’d share some news.

A good friend of mine is best mates with Andy King and it’s a done deal to Rangers on loan, he’s in Manchester having a medical now.

He hasn’t been named in Leicester’s squad and wants to play football. He was supposed to go to Hibs but apparently we wanted him.

Good addition to the squad!


Jaws II

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30 yo goal scoring midfielder?

Strange one, decent player but we have Arfield, Stewart and even Aribo that can play it.

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why would be be?

Hardly played for derby last season.

Don;t recall much game time at Swansea either.
He seems the type of player Gerrard gets a lot out of having in his set-up (professional, experienced, probably has a good temperament and is maybe looking to do his badges. etc.). He's versatile as well. Not that you don't make a good point that we have loads of CMs and he lacks game time.


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I believe he’s good mates with Martyn Waghorn. Will be completely sold on the idea of coming here.

Seems to have a good attitude and solid hardworking player. Definitely good to have about the squad, so wouldn’t be upset with this.

If indeed it’s not first time poster fake news.
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