Another Tim fleecing his own with Rangers fairytales


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Another reminder of a support who would rather pay money to read about a club they claim is dead yet lives rent free inside their heads than pay money to help fund one of their greatest ever players kickstarter campaign to publish his autobiography

(spoiler alert - Rangers win all the trophies in both books anyway)

Shengus Malengus

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You get idiots in here calling bears equally obsessed as the tarriers for the crime of starting an anti Celtc thread or a mocking thread.

If you are one of these halfwits, just digest the OP content for a minute and maybe you'll start to realise what true obsession is.

A Rangers book for Celtc fans. Yes, paying to read about the Rangers.
can you imagine a non tottie minded writing a book called torbett or the peado factory they would be baying for blood. I've mentioned before they all conveniently forget they were using the ebt scheme as was half the league