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Sign of the times that I was a little disappointed we didn't hit 6 or 7.

We owe them a real real hiding, and it's nothing more than their shitey support deserves. Would love to see them go down this season.

Emperor Smith

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I can’t actually remember McGregor needing to make one save yesterday.

One sided doesn’t even begin to describe the match.
Their first shot on target was at 71 minutes. Straight at McGregor though.
Remarked about it at the time.

Carson's Cat

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Borna's cross for Alfie's goal was excellent. BUT his free kick, which was handed to Goldson on a plate, was even better. Shame to miss that one.
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Beer Belly Loyal

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Anyone in any doubt of what the players are up against sometimes should listen carefully on 3.00 mins when Morelos misses his chance.
“For F.uck sake Alfie you should have squared it”

Jesus Christ.
Sounds like "For F.uck sake Alfie make him save it"

I remember thinking likewise, but didn't shout it out, Alfie probably said the same thing to himself tbh.

He would have been more angry with himself for blasting that off target.