Best Rangers documentary to show a non-believer


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I've got an Ozzie mate who I'm trying to get onboard with the Gers.

He's asked for a documentary to watch on us - what's the best one to win him over with?


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Show him the 1992 Scottish cup semi final game, my go to rewatch. Passion of a game can't ever come across with folk talking.

monkey magic

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Non-Rangers fans are genuinely shocked when I tell them that our world famous club was formed by 4 teenage street kids. They think I'm having a laugh, until they find out for themselves and then want to know more. Its the best aspirational advert ever to promote Rangers, and we as a club should be using it more.


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How can ATHEIST bear relate to a non-believer!
But... isn’t the entire point of atheism that you’re a non-believer?