Blackburn Game - Aftermatch Pub Crawl back into city centre


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Taking my mate to Ibrox for the first time for the Blackburn game.

We'll be in the louden pre-match, but I wondered what Rangers bars would be best to drop into on the way back into town... I'm assuming it would be best to head down Paisley Road West, so bars in this area ideally.



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Louden > District > Grapes > Old Toll (I'd avoid The Union Bar personally and I haven't been in NN10 really) > Rhoddy Dhu > Auctioneers would be a decent wee stroll.
I'd probably go with this too , union bar has been fine the few time I've been in , with nn10 you've also a chance of meeting nacho.
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A wee mention for the Viceroy at P.R.toll where you can take a picture of Tom Vallance a member of the original Rangers team and former owner of the Viceroy which was then known as the Club restaurant .
I always forget about this wee place. I live round the corner of it for 4 years and never visited, I really must next time am over.