Blue sea of ibrox on a view from the terrace tonight


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No need. It’s excellent.

Glad to see more and more bears getting active on the music scene which is another area that has allowed itself to fall into the dominating hands of them.

Any bears heading out and about to the clubs should get along and suppprt our own. I’ll certainly be going out of my way to make one of their gigs now.

Polar bear

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I have to admit that I've never heard of these guys but well done boys for nailing your colours to the mast!
There are far too many in the arts/creative/music scene that consider declaring your affection for Rangers as a big no-no (for God knows what reason).
Well done guys and I hope your career goes from strength to strength!
Who are they?


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I wish they’d played four lads , I can’t stand blue sea of Ibrox .

Still kudos to them and good luck to them, will watch out for their stuff .


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I’m sure one if not all of the band post on here.

It was either this board or the old one I first heard of them after they posted in the lounge letting us know their music is on Spotify and l think they also had entered some competition and looking for support from fellow bears.
What are they called I’m going to download their album I don’t care if it’s shit or good I’m backing them we need to look after our own
That was superb, well done lads. Are you sure you’re all gers’s just that you seemed to all play/sing in tune with one another and not speed up,then fade away before the end like we do at Ibrox.
Seriously, I hope I can down load this somewhere and thanks for pinning your colours to the mast unlike some. Keep plugging your gigs on here and hopefully some will get along.