Central attacking midfielder in january ?


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I still feel we could do with another midfielder in the central attacking position in midfield that number 10 position jack & davis and kamara have been outstanding but play that more deeper role , aribo & arfield blow hot and cold and kent although can play there will be more out wide

Govan loyal

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i think we badly miss a creative central attacking midfielder someone who can change a game. i thought it was gonna be aribo but am not so sure now. if there is amy funds available ad like to see us go for the no10 then try get a right winger onky if jones doesn't take that position over next few weeks. i really like the feyernord captain last night axtually hes a good player wouldnt mind him at Ibrox


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Unless it's a massive disinformation campaign, both SG and the board are saying that we're not looking to add to the squad in January.


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We need somebody like nae neck. His improvement in the last couple of seasons is outstanding.

Add his contributions to our team and we win the league!


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The thing is we have a player who fits this mould perfectly and has all the talent in the world in Aribo, he just seems to play within himself, very similar to Barasic first season, hopefully he can settle in soon


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Would prefer a top quality right winger/ inside forward.
Yes, this for me too.

The midfield three of last night is fine for us in the majority of games and we've already bought Aribo for this more attacking role and he'll take time to settle in just like Barisic has done.

At the moment, beyond Kent and Alfie upfront, the 3rd attacking role is a complete toss up between Arfield, Ojo, Stewart and Barker and none appear good enough to nail it down. They've all got their strengths and weaknesses but it's the one spot in the team where we don't have a player good enough to be a regular starter as things stand.


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I like Defoe but would be a bit worried if Morelos was out with an injury at the business end of the season and all we had was Defoe and Stewart up top.

Financially if it’s possible we should try and get a striker and right winger on loan. Maybe someone like Brewster from Liverpool?


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Right at the moment I’d have difficulty deciding who a new face would replace in the forward area.

Kent can play anywhere across the front, Alfie often does good stuff in the channels, we’re waiting on JJ to come back and hopefully fulfil the promise he’s shown. Aribo’s in the mix too although he’s still a bit to prove. The three at mid are untouchable for me.

Plus we’re skint ;)

Polar bear

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Long term I think that’s where Aribo will find himself. He does blow hot and cold to be fair but he has been at Charlton and the demands of wearing our jersey are incomparabe.

He will come good imo.
We really should be playing him right behind Alfie,to get the best out of him.
His obvious talent is not being seen,playing deeper,imo.