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Just seen an old bear getting treated by paramedics outside Cessnock subway.

He looked in a very bad way and it does not look good at all. I hope to hell he pulls through. I couldnt give a toss about the result now.

Nobody should go to games and never walk through their front door.
Hope everyone is safe.


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Our bus just passed, it doesn't look good.

We had to stop due to the ambulance getting onto the footpath.

They were administering CPR for a good 5 mins.

Prayers with the bear


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A fan was being given CPR at the road across from the exit from the Rolls Royce club.

His friends were frantically trying to get help which arrived.

To be honest it did shock any thoughts about the game out of my head.

Now hearing about others taking poorly

I hope we hear good news about all of them


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I arrived just after it happened really grim viewing the police and two bears who were doctors were giving him cpr for a good 5/10 minutes before ambulance arrived, as you said didn’t look good at all.

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There was a Bear flat out receiving treatmemt in Broomloan Rear before game as well. Didnt look too serious as regards CPR etc but bad enough for oxygen and 2 guys attending to them.
Hope everyone is ok and manages to return home safely.
A shite result but stuff like this puts it into perspective


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Is there any update on the lads having treatment last night, I saw the team working on the lad in Urrdale street and hope all is well.


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I’d also love to hear a positive update regarding the gentleman at cessnock , I’ve thought about phoning the hospital but don’t think they’d tell me anything.