Champions leauge final


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Should we be throwing our hat in to the ring to host the final, with it due to be played in Istanbul and Turkey now on the red list for travel no fans from the uk will be allowed . The english FA are proposing the game be played in the UK what better place than to hold it at Ibrox


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I heard on the radio this morning that villa park is the preferred ground for it.


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Great idea. Why not. Yet more exposure for the club and stadium on this momentous year.

Sticking point could be allowing fans in though. If played in England i reckon fans would be allowed in...a proportion obviously.

If up here....probably not.


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You have to remember that there is planned maintenance work once next week is done

Reason we supposedly knocked back hosting the Scottish Cup Final in 2 weeks time


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If they move it to Scotland it'll be Hampden. But they won't. It'll be somewhere down south. Perhaps millennium stadium


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It should be a shining beacon to Europe and UEFA that we (UK) created a miracle of medical science in creating a Covid vaccine before the end of 2020, and that our Covid cases and deaths are so low we could safely host it.

Not holding my breath because, UEFA...


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Said after Chelsea qualified the logical ground would be Villa Park. I think Wembley is booked for the league playoffs that weekend.


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Spurs stadium or Arsenal stadium good shouts? Let them both see what decent teams look like?!


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Moving to England makes sense given the issues over Turkey

UEFA give 2025 Champions League Final to Istanbul as compensation


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There will be no fans so no added tourism etc. It makes no sense having 2 teams from the same country to fly to another country. Stadiums in England will still be restricted crowd wise so they could literally play it anywhere in England.