Charlie Mulgrew


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It's McBurnie's fault but.

Don't mention the countless tims on massive caps who've repeatedly failed over the years.

Who was up front for them against the Belgies noo that Ollie was replaced.

They must've been shittin themsels wi his replacement.


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The day the SFA refused to help Rangers out prior to the UEFA Cup Final should tell you all you need to know about them scum every one of them Souness was correct there is an agenda against Rangers
I couldnt care about the national team they hate our players and even when they are called up they get boo'd of the fans fuckin disgrace. I hope they dont ever win another game

Sir Sasa Papac

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Gary Caldwell has more caps for Scotland than Billy Bremner and Graeme Souness managed.

Stop and have a think about that
A lot of that is to do with the fact there are much much more international matches now than back in the 70s and 80s but no doubt the bar has been low since the 90s.

Even Russell Martin got 29 caps and we all got to see first hand how awful he was


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Apart from him being jobby, he is just one of a catalogue of tims who never put in a decent performance for Scotland. Last game v the scum, McGregor was running around kicking people, put him in a Scotland shirt and he's a knob.
Laughed at this way more than I should've.:)):))


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I don't see how he can be in any condition to play football after a hard shift at the Trumpton Fire Brigade: Pugh, Pugh, Charlie Mulgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble an Grubb.
I was gonna post that ... albeit the Scotland line up is more:

Those who knew, Charlie Mulgrew, Cooper, Phillips and Thumb


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I'm old enough to remember Ronnie McKinnon keeping both Ron Yeats and Billy McNeill out of the Scotland team. Then along came Colin Jackson and Tom Forsyth, and Willie Miller and Alex McLeish.
Now there is Charlie Fuckin' Mulgrew. It's enough to make you cry.
During the sixties, you could have put Frank McClintock, Bobby Moncur, Dave Mackay, John Greig, Ian Ure, Pat Stanton and probably a few others I have missed, into the centre of the Scotland defence, as well as those fine players you have mentioned.
These players must look at Charlie Mulgrew and laugh.


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Look at the distance between Scotland and England, now how can they constantly produce world class players year on year? Look at Joran Sancho 19y/o and talks off £100m and then Phil Foden who's meant to be the best prospect Pep has ever worked with. Now how can this seriously happen when we live right next to them? And how can we not send down scouts and member of the SPFL to copy exactly what the English are doing? And it's not just down to drink and drugs, they've got the same problems if not worse in London and look at the players coming out of there.

Oh and for that mulgrew kunt, how are we meant to progress with I'm starting and you've got young Bates on the bench, why not start getting the youngsters on, were out the Euros anyway, get Bates and McCrory and a few of the U21's on and build for the future, this country is an absolute joke, we're getting compared to San Marino off Belgium players

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He's not really. He's maybe 4th choice at best but 3 ahead of him were injured. He's past it, wasn't that good to begin with but there isn't really anyone else available, that's why he's playing.

People holding him up as an example of all that is wrong with Scotland, invoking Davie Coopers stats from an era that played far fewer internationals and when Scotland had far better players are talking mince.
If there are only 3 better than him confirms how low we’ve sunk.


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The population of Kosovo is a 1.9 million and if you would’ve watched them last night you would’ve seen a team that was full of talent, power, drive and commitment Scotland can only dream about.


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Mulgrew is a fud and is no centre back.This isn't a new phenomenon btw.Remember Lee Wilkie and Pressley getting pumped by the Dutch.I remember some other donkeys,Kenneth,Malky MacKay,Webster and Brian Irvine getting a game.Utter dung players.


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Mulgrew is crap but Scotland have struggled badly for a decent centre half pairing for years. Weir was the last good centre half we had, and probably Colin Hendry before that. We used to have so many good defenders as well, god knows what’s happened there.