Copenhagen/Red Star Pen Shoot Out


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When the spot gets in such a state as that, does the ref have the authority to move to the other end?

I mean the left foot is about 3" lower than the right !!!

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What's the point in these new penalty rules? The referee has a word with the goalkeeper then goes on to ignore them both jumping a yard or two of their line making saves.


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Worth a watch for the bloody awful pens.

I resorted to watching a feed of this with about 5mins to go in the scum (‘tic’ deary me) game as I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Got through the first 3 pens before curiosity got the better of me and I had a quick check at my score app through the cracks in my fingers to make sure there hadn’t been any late goals. Obviously the goal that did flash up at that moment was very welcome indeed but near gave me a heart attack in case the app had got it wrong.

Safe to say the penalties got quickly turned off and onto the filth TV feed & FF for a gloat.

Having just watched the pens all the way they have to feel sorry for the guy stepping up at the end of the list for each team. That pen spot had disintegrated to a complete mess so not only did they have the nerves to battle they also had to make sure they were able to make any sort of clean connection with the ball!
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