Could turn nasty

Steeps the Teddy Bear

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They have deleted a whole thread of over 500 pages ????

why not just close the thread , edit the nonsense out and reopen in the morning ? Moderate not obliterate
I think @DocStone was alluding to this in a post last night . I can't remember the thread but said he was deleting several pages off the old Kerryfail thread . I don't know if it was the Doc or another admin said we can't have nice things because the thread become not what it was supposed to be . Hopefully just in the deleting process. :shh: :))


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I wouldn’t worry about security guards just use some Rightguard!
That should repel them, and it’s ideal that they are wearing masks, as they are one bunch of ugly Bassa's!!


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Pity i'm working till 2, could they delay this till i get home from work,so i can pish myself laffin at them.


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The sellick fans want to sack the board

the same board who chased and failed to land Eddie Howe as their manager and who then told their supporters they had been talking to the fat Aussie all along and he was the guy they actually wanted and said supporters nodded their heads and went, mmm excellent he looks like a good manager