Does anyone have Goals and Assists per minute fornour players?


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I am being lazy because I know it is on here somewhere for the top 10 in Scotland.

But for our players alone does anyone have this? Morelos I guess is at top, and Defoe was creeping up there. But for some reason I think Stewart should be high up based on his lack of game time.

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Don't have the stats, but this occurred to me on Sunday after Stewart's two.

As always though, the numbers only tell half the story. The defences Greg has been going at have usually been rag dolled and demoralised by the 70th minute.

Not to take away from his impact though, we cant ask any more of him.


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Defoe will be top for goals / time played by a mile the rest will vary if you include assists + non league games

All games, Goals+Assists per 90mins (assuming the above is correct numbers)

Morelos 1.58, Defoe 1.33, Ojo 0.63, Barisic 0.6, Stewart 0.53, Tav 0.5, Aribo 0.46, Polster 0.43, Kent 0.41, Jones 0.38, Jack 0.32, Arfield/Barker 0.24, Helander 0.2, Goldson 0.17, Katic 0.16, Davis, 0.13, Kamara 0.04,

If you go just by goals (minutes per goal, as opposed to goals per 90mins)

Defoe 67, Morelos 75, Stewart 167, Kent 215, Ojo 342, Aribo 348, Barker 371, Jack 487, Goldson 652, Helander 675, Tav 840, Barisic 892, Arfield 935, Katic 1080, Kamara 1806, Davis 1954,
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