Edouard to Leicester for £15m - Daily Mail


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Thinking about it, their rebuild is going to be absolutely hilarious.
They need a new goalkeeper and an entire new back 4 if Ajer leaves with Julianne being out injured.
Brown is finished. Turnbull can't play 90 minutes. They've overhyped Soro. McGregor has gone stale.

If Edouard leaves then that leaves Ajeti Klimala and Griffiths.
Ajeti looks poor.
Klimala hasn't got it.
Griffiths will be in the gutter.

It's a good time to be a bear.

We have a real chance of dominating for the next few years if we can keep this squad together with only minimal sales of first team players.
Possibly the same kind of rebuild Advocaat had when he came to us doubt the new celtic manager will get the same amount of money to spend though


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his agent should had told him to stay till end of next season, then he can go for free, plus the paper also says the tims wants a big sell on fee from leicester city like psg with them, seems a dumb move on leicester city's part if it's true



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It’s a far cry from the £30m they were talking about previously, that’s already been halved. And a huge portion goes to PSG too so it’s double lulz.

Oh wait, he’s also not tried a leg for much of this season and is clearly not a player who’ll stay professional so it’s triple lulz.

%^*& him and his club, and %^*& whoever his future club are too B-D


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Lazy journalism tbh. As long as Rodgers is at a club. Newspapers will plug stories about how he wants half of their squad.

They’ll be punting him for pennies if he’s there late August as he ain’t signing a new deal.


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They complain about Lawell only being focussed on revenue but it looks like he even got caught up in the quest for 9.75. In previous years Eduoard would have been sold as soon as it was clear his value was plummeting. The whole club decided to double down on their bets and we’ve bust them. Lovely stuff


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He’s a lazy one but he’s still a decent finisher. £15m is pocket money to the premiership (even in Covid times). Good news that they make zero on one of their key assets (if true.)


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He certainly won't be a replacement for Vardy, as per the headline. They play a completely different style.

Vardy could tie his boot laces together and he would still beat Edouard in a race from the half-way line to the penalty box.

Given Vardy plays upfront and out on his own you wonder where OE would fit in. Even at his age Vardy has another couple seasons playing as a first choice given hes very fit and suits Leicester's style so well.

Brendan seems to be forever linked with his former Celtic players so its maybe just Scottish Press Fantasy nonsense but whever he goes its not the 30,40 ... 50M that was happening not so long ago.

If I may quote 'The Gambler'....

You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin's done


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Vastly overrated and hyped up by a compliant media beyond belief

His record in Europe is poor very poor for a player of his so called standard , compare it to Morelos’s and it’s woeful and we all know how much they rate Alfredo (not)

Scoring goals ( and a lot of them penalties) in Scottish football doesn’t make you worth millions

Again banging in penalties for the French under 21’s or scoring against some obscure other under 21’s team doesn’t make you worth millions

There has never been any stats to back up this £30 or £40 million valuation he had put on him hence the reason not a single bid had ever been made for him

He enters the last year of his contract next season so why would anyone pay £15 million for a player who can sign a pre contract in 9 months or so

The Tims are desperate for cash this is just paper talk by a friendly journalist

Remember it was only a matter of months ago Nitcham was touted by the usual suspects as a £15 rated player when he couldn’t get a regular first team game , look how that’s turned out

On another note , when Celtic were lording it over Scottish football and flopping badly in Europe against second rate teams over the past 5 years the press were never short of a headline that X player was worth £20 million Y player was worth £25 the list was endless

Funnily enough this Rangers team who are not only doing it in Scotland but also remain undefeated in Europe with some fantastic performances and results have yet to get a single headline that any of our players are worth “ funny money “

I wonder why that is eh !

Mr Wilton

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They are seriously whoring this lad out. Coming up to the last twelve months of his contract and seen as a long term replacement to Vardy who has at least another season in him. Why spend anything on him when they can sign him for nothing come January. More like £7.5m to £10m if anything.


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If, and it’s a very big if, this is true then I’ll be intrigued to see how he performs rest of the season. He only appears to have started appearing on the scoresheet again after his pal sailed off back to France, so if the move is secured I wouldn’t be shocked to see him down tools.
On another note, he will be a massive loss to them, lazy but good finisher all the same and selling him at what they would deem a vastly reduced price with the sell on to PSG leaves them some job replacing him


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What is clear is this type of money won’t be enough for a serious rebuild

say they get 12m after paying PSG

I’d imagine half of that will service losses from last season

6m for players

they need a keeper two centre backs two fullback two centre nods two strikers abs a winger at least

this with a new director of football new CEO new manager

it’s off the scale how badly liewell has left them

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This is another result of chasing ‘the ten’. They thought this is a blow worth suffering if the win the league this year, with him only having 1 year left on his contract but now they have lost the league and are not getting the desired amount for him.

I actually think 15m is too much for a player in Scotland with 1 year on his contract. They could offer 10m and Celtic would still sell him.

tottie beck

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If nothing else this should be a distraction for him when we face them at the piggery. I cant see him putting himself at risk if a transfer is in the offing.


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If this is an accurate indication of the mentally challenged’s fire-sale it also means that who ever will replace the lurgan bigot will have sanctioned this move. Tells me that they have someone lined up. Then again, it may be simply be a made-up story.


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could the mentally challengeds afford to splurge £9m on a single player now? downsizing big style this summer.


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So they'd make £3.6m from him? That would get you, hmm, Alfie's right thumb?

Their rebuild looks more and more fun every passing day B-D
Their rebuild will consist of Man City youths & loan 1st team fringe players did they not sign up to be city's feeder club because of liewell's son being part of City's recruitment team or something like that . Don't let them fool you we are on a level par with them financially.


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40% going to PSG - £6m
Net proceeds - £9m

Cost to the scum £9m

Profit on Eduoard - £0

There will be massive loses with this sale as a bet he’s on big wages at the piggery too.

15million :)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):))
We will get at least 20million for wee buffalo soon :shh::shh:


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Is there any reason to believe that this £15m bid is any more genuine than the many others? I suspect teams will be looking at his contract situation,this is just another placement story with a compliant ex manager that will end up the same as the others.
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Can't see him having the ability to replace Vardy he's a decent SPFL striker but outside his comfort zone of the SPFL he's achieved very little.


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Looking forward to see how he does in the EPL, albeit he is a good finisher he’s vastly overrated. Ok f Rogers thinks he can replace Vardy with him I think he’s mistaken. Eddy will spend most of his time on the bench which might actually shut him.


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40% going to PSG - £6m
Net proceeds - £9m

Cost to the scum £9m

Profit on Eduoard - £0

I would think that French Teddy will also be on a cut of any future transfer fee,hopefully his agent screws the filth rotten
Whoever their new manager is will see hee haw of any transfer fee as Pedros severance package will come first from the buscuit tin


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If he’s going into last year of his contract why would you offer to pay £15M for a player you can get for Free, you would be offering substantially a lot less than £15M.


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I don’t understand why a team will pay £15m for a player that they could sign on pre contract about 3-4 months into the new season and then offer a token amount for him for the remaining season or get him for nothing the following season.