Europa league quarter and semi draw this Friday


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Thing is we are capable of beating Leverkusen.
We are not up to speed yet but think I read they won't have played a game in 3/4 weeks.
I still fancy our chances.
If you don't agree then tough as I don't care so save your reply.


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Aye it’s probably done but who gives a monkeys, we’re in the draw and there’s always a chance.

Play up you boys in blue!


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Really wish that 1st leg wasn’t played now
Ach, we made probably a million from the gate receipts that night etc. Comparrible to the cash we'd get if we won a one off behind closed doors at this stage from memory.

Regret nothing, it's just awesome to be at the party. How we all missed big Europe an nights! Hopefully many more to come!


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Lot of jokes on this thread but I genuinely think we are going to pull it back, especially if they punt Haivert.


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Watched a few of Leverkusen games in the past month or so and there cracking going forward but defensively pretty poor tbh


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Hopefully Bayer players will be on wind down mode having finished the season. :) huge ask to qualify but you never know!


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Tomorrow is 1yr to the day since we played our first tie in Gibraltar in this competition.

Bonkers that we are going to be part of the same European competition for at least 13 months. :))


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Probably better if we don't go through v Leverkusen in the sense that we'd then have several league games to catch up on right from the start with the mini tournament.

Although we could win it if we put Leverkusen out lol.


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Off topic but are the qualifiers next season one-legged affairs?


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Regardless of the circumstances, and ignore that we're likely going out, the facts are this.

We are in the draw for the Europa League semi-final.

Imagine how insane that would have sounded a couple of years ago.

We have nothing to lose anyway. I can't wait for this.