Favourite Champions League Final 2000-2009

Favourite Champions League Final 2000-2009

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Great videos and pics on thread, cheers for posting.

I have no allegiance to Liverpool but the 2005 game lives long in the memory. I've just finished Gerrard's second book and was surprised by how critical he was of Benitez, on occasions.


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Hampden. In the Celtic end and Zidane scored that goal just in front of us. Wonderful.
Next year at Old Trafford must have been the worst final ever. Enjoyed being with the Italian supporters but they’ve a lot to learn about properly follow, following their team. Amateur supporters!
Most memorable is definitely 2005. Other games I remember bits and pieces from but 2005 I remember vividly. 19 years old, out with my pals, watching in the pub. Used to hate Liverpool but even I was cheering them on as they gathered more and more momentum.


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Has to be 2005.

Even if you absolutely detest/hate either team it was by far the best final of that decade.

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Went for Liverpool’s amazing Istanbul comeback.

Attended the all Italian borefest at Old Trafford. Worst CL final ever.

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2005 is the best for pure entertainment and drama.

Also loved the Barca masterclass in 2009. The English pundits at the time were saying Messi was useless is the air and never scored against English teams which made the second goal even better,