Favourite game, that you weren't at?

Was travelling back from England during the semi final we won against them under warburton what a game it was as well as the fact I came across two fellow bears while having the game up on my iPad on the train whom I watched the rest of the game with and to this day regularly meet up for a drink with before home games


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I was at the game and would have been gutted to miss it but I got more satisfaction from the 2-2 game when Gough scored, I was gutted to miss the Centenary cup final as my Auld man wouldn’t let me go
Sorry, but I was at the 2-2 & 5-1 games and the game we hammered them was 50x better.


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Sorry, but I was at the 2-2 & 5-1 games and the game we hammered them was 50x better.
I don’t disagree with you other than they were giving it us tight 2 down and players down, the effect it had on them lasted for a long time as Gough Butcher McCoist and co lorded over them.
The 5-1 game was magic as well but them being bossed by Gough was a joy to behold
My boy (13) now and I sat through every single tarrier doin’ Until the end. We were on holiday at New Year so we missed that game.....He’d never experienced the bouncy that happened fortunately enough the next home fixture! No Surrender!
Florence or Helicopter Sunday.

But the game when we clinch the next title will be be better than both.
I sure as hell ain't religious, but I'm praying that when we when the title (please let it be this season) we do it by winning at home. I'll be gutted if we're away and I'm not there, or if it's decided by another game while we're not playing like Leicester winning when spurs drew at chelsea


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Was at that game. Started to work my way down the govan rear towards an exit. Next minute im back up the govan rear bouncing about with my brother utter mayhem when edu poked that home. Still love watching that goal to this day. The way the camera shakes after the goal gives you a good indication as to how mental ibrox went.


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Lot of great matches listed above in the thread but to these I will add the League Cup final versus St Mirren in 2010.
What drama! Kenny Miller and the doo sealing a fine victory against the odds.
1999 league win. I had a ticket, but I went to see Springsteen in Manchester. Watched the first half in a pub just outside Manchester. Jumped about 6 feet in the air in MEN Arena when the third went in. I wouldn't change a thing though..

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89 cup final, first game I'd missed in years. Couldn't get a ticket so potentially missed out on my first treble. I must have jinxed it!
Joke btw

Piggery 99 would have been sweet.