Flanagan appeal upheld. Free to face Kilmarnock


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Got all the hallmarks of Naismith getting off for the tackle on Hayes at Tyncastle in August because they'd have to have done Brown for elbowing him.

Both were worse than Flanagan on Brown. Although if Simunovic hadn't did what he did Flanagan was on to plums.
Compliance woman finally proving she knows nothing about football,Flanagan winning his appeal,is a cover for the Tim not being cited.we should leave Flanagan out of this meaningless game tomorrow,

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was it? lol damn it
yeah been busy working, as above,I'm actually in shock with the outcome. it's the correct outcome but we've been shat on all season,or maybe it's because the damage has already been done and their mission 8 in a row was completed so giving us the sympathy votes now to try and show they aren't against us after all. won't wash with me though,seeing right through them!
I've put quite a lengthy reply on the other thread about how the decision was likely reached and how Clancy and the Compliance Bint must have lied, otherwise, under the Rules, it could not have reached the Tribunal Stage.


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So all this talk of rangers need to stop bumping their gums looks a bit daft now.

Either that or the feeling is the SFA can arbitrarily decide to re-referee rangers matches retrospectively and we should just shut up and accept it.

Once again this illusive panel of Referees and Ms Whyte are proved to be incompetent.


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Monday jury: Should Flanagan's yellow have been a red?
Rangers defender Jon Flanagan has been cleared of further punishment after elbowing Celtic captain Scott Brown in Sunday's Old Firm derby.
Flanagan, 26, was booked after the incident in the Ibrox side's 2-0 win but was charged after a three-man panel decided it was a red-card offence.
Rangers said they would "vigorously defend" Flanagan and, at a hearing on Thursday, the case was dismissed.

It means he is available for Sunday's game at Kilmarnock.
After the notice of complaint was issued on Tuesday, Rangers issued a statement in which they cited a separate incident from the derby involving Jermain Defoe and Celtic's Jozo Simunovic.
"We cannot understand how these two incidents could be studied yet only one be considered worthy of punishment," the statement read.
"It seems as if Rangers' players are being held to a different code of conduct from players at other clubs."


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It's hilarious the mockery our football 'authorities' make of our game up here.

If Simunovic had been given a two game ban alongside Flannigan there would have been little complaint.

However because they pandered to the mockits they've had to let Flannigan off.

We should all just get back to the referee's decision being final if he hasn't completely missed an incident
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Wasn't so much elbow to Brooon as Broon to elbow,He ran at Flanagan like a man on a mission win a penalty.
This all day long , at first I thought he caught him but more you watch it that is exactly what happened and the clown went down holding his face. Because brown can’t take being outplayed or out muscled by us now this is his new tactic


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So,trial by Sportscene and the compliance officer on Celtcs speed dial didn't work on this occasion. The mutants will be glued to BT this weekend for our game against Killie praying for something controversial to happen.


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If correct it’s the right decision and all the other stuff from the east end is just noise.

They won’t say anything though, they are above that. He he.
No you wont hear comment from Lennon on us...doesn't like commenting on Rangers...no not one bit. Well apart from today's papers and yesterday papers........oh and the day before that's papers...and the day before that.
Surely there must be some kind of review into the football authorities (SPFL & SFA) in Scotland. Both are an absolute joke as the JF affair demonstrates along with some bizarre appointments of the Scotland managers job and the appointments of Compliance Officers all with connections to our biggest rivals. There is clear evidence of incompetence and corruption at all levels and a glaring bias against our club. These clowns are answerable to no one it seems and make up the rules as they go along. Can we complain to UEFA/FIFA and ask them to intervene? Something has got to be done about these incompetent buffoons.


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The entire process of BBC Sportscene referring Rangers players only to their RC buddy in Hampden is now utterly discredited beyond salvation.

Honestly, Cler Shyte should resign and the Compliant Officer position scrapped.
Short memories from the rabids.

Forgetting Broonaldo was cleared of chopping a Ross Couny(I think, my memory ain’t so good either)in half,as clear a red you’ll see.

lo and behold, freeing him to play the Rangers.
Now we know any future cards r/y appeal site filth players .If they are guilty of same offence and no action taken against them why against us rules are for every team equally.


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I’m coming into the thread late and not had a chance to read all. My tupence worth is, 1 yesterday’s hearing deferred today, 2 Flanagans appeal upheld. Now call me a conspiracy theorist this smells as though Rangers have muck on them, and this is the reason it’s been overturned. Yes they are Liewells Puppets, and this under their regime would normally have been a two match Ban. So if I’m right well done Rangers.

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Rangers should be rounding up as many allies as we can and putting a full court press on getting this whole shambolic system binned once and for all. The war needs to be won here, not small battles.