Friday night football

Do you enjoy Friday night games?

  • Yes

    Votes: 139 67.1%
  • No

    Votes: 33 15.9%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 35 16.9%

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Kurt Russell

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With the Stranraer games coming up on Friday, I was wonder what everyone's thoughts were on playing on Friday evenings.

Is it a good excuse to combine a Friday session with watching the Gers? Finish work, then head to a Bluenose boozer for a few before going to Ibrox (or stay in the boozer, I guess), then back on the lash.

Or do you see it as more of a pain in the arse that gets in the way of normal Friday evening activities?

For years I was desperate for us to have Friday home games, but now we have them I'm not quite so enthusiastic. Ignoring the less glamorous opponent and pishy weather (which would be the same if it was a midweek game), I can't help but feel I'd rather have a normal Friday evening. As much as I'll enjoy the bevvying, sing song, and (hopefully!) the football, Friday evenings are times when I'd rather stay in the pub all evening or head home with a kerry oot. On the other hand, the traditional Saturday 3 P.M. kick off is something that seems set in stone, so that when we aren't playing at that time I'm often at a loss for what to do.

Jimmy Jazz

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I don't mind big(ish) games on Friday nights. Easter Road the other week was an excellent night (helped by the fact I finished work for 2 weeks that day right enough). But games like this that should be on a Saturday being shifted to the Friday night irritates me.


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We need more of it. Luckily we don't have Monday night football, but I've never understood why the English would rather show games on a Monday night instead of Friday.

yosser hughes

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i"ve always been in favour of certain games being on the friday, had some great times,the glasgow cup final 86,and a 1-0 victory over the sheep the friday before mcstay missed a penalty, 2 that stand out


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Far prefer it to a Sunday game, no work to worry about the next day so can bevvy to my hearts content. All good


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I enjoy a Friday night game and much prefer them to Sunday matches.

Tomorrow will be more sober but usually finish work, home for a quick change then meet mates at an obvious Rangers pub like Auctioneers or Drop ( :p ) game then back into town for a few beers.


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Depends what game it is. At home to Stranraer in the early rounds of the cup, doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.


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Enjoyed hivs away on the Friday but not too fussed about tomorrow would of preferred it to be Saturday but that’s just because I’m working Saturday morning


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Nice after work sometimes on Friday after a long week with a few beers, but end up not knowing what to do with myself for a full weekend without it.


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treating it the same as a wednesday game - taking the car
losing out on the afternoon in pub pre-game that a saturday/sunday does

Uddy Gers

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Early rounds of the cup is alright.

Would prefer playing them at home on a Friday night under the lights instead of on a Sunday at the crack of dawn.

The Golden God

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Voted for sometimes.

I love them when we win, drop points on a Friday night and the weekend is ruined and it's a lady's front bottom of a wait until the next game.
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