German Champions League clubs give £18m to help other teams

Virgil Hilts

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redistribute all TV/ progression monies ( over £5m) grossed in UCL competition n3xt season.

IF they cancel all league standings


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Good to see this from the 4 clubs and they should be applauded for this. Have to wonder how many other leagues/clubs around Europe would be willing to do the same. This may apply some pressure to leagues and associations.

Gibraltar Loyal

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While over in Scotland the champions league representatives for this season are only concerned with grabbing money and %^*& everyone else
Using Hartsons logic surely they would get a lot of credit for asking the league to be null and void and splitting money to other teams...i mean that why they were set uo to help others...or so we keep hearing
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German teams generally all want the same thing and look after each other m. They are heavily subsidised from sky though tv deal is good they have.

Cambuslang Bear

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As usual German clubs and it's league are at the forefront of progressive thinking. If only this country looked at them and tried to replicate it somehow. But there's more chance of me banging Kate Beckinsale.


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What a classy, sensible idea. I think that it’d be wonderful if the same amounts, proportionately, were spread around by every team who earned champions league income this year on the grounds that the season and the trophies were not completed.


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Another reason for fan ownership. Sensible decisions getting made with an emphasis on the good of the game

Mental how everyone here is desperate for a sugar daddy while in Germany it’s seen as a cardinal sin and they’re by far the best run league on the planet.

Youth development, fan culture, atmosphere, transport, exciting football, best stadiums around.


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Germany: Top 4 want to help the others.

Scotland: The others want to kill the top club.
You would imagine the club that claims to be some sort of charitable organisation (ha ha) would be suggesting something similar instead of begging for yet another tainted title. I honestly think if we offered to donate say £100 grand we would get hammered for not donating £200 grand. Not that we should offer anything but my point is the hatred we have to put up with seems to override any sense of realism and decency. The game here has truly hated itself to death

Oso de españa

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the Germans are recently doing football right.

I used to watch it on BT Sports and every game they showed had a great crowd so i though that the majority of games were local derbies. It turns out that they weren't, the pricing, etc made the games open to all and they reaped the benefits from it.


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Whether it be this idea or the 51% rule, safe standing or cheap admission prices, there seems to be a very strong “for the good of the game” ethic in German football.

I recall when Dortmund had financial problems, Bayern let them money.
Bang on. They have fervent rivalries all over the country but always pull together for the good of the game as a whole, meanwhile......…….


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Surprised the paedos haven't been out demanding some of that cash given their self of entitlement to everything going.

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