Gerrard reaction video

He’s sending out a clear message right there.

There’s now very strong competition throughout the squad so if players get the opportunity they had better grab it or they are out.

It’s about Standards with Gerrard if the players drop a level even for a short time it’s not going to sit well with him.


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Great interviews from all three, Gerrards analysis of game spot on as per, Polster i think can see the emotion when he speaks of his family not being here, hope he has settled a bit more this season and hopefully he can kick on and be an able backup for tav along with flanagan.

Andy Halliday needs no words...100% Blue


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Get the impression from that Polster video he struggled to fit into the group a bit last season and is generally a bit homesick. Hopefully that settles down as he looks like he’s an able enough deputy for Tav without being anywhere near his level.