Hamilton Away!!!


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Partick in the league and now also Hamilton. Cant complain too much with what ive been allocated so far this season
Just go to Morrisons car park and enjoy . Personally, I'll watch with my dad; and his windows will be open to hear us singing . (Lives a stones throw from the 'L' stadium)


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Only Motherwell for me and I was on holiday at the time! Was so sure I would get Hamilton and live within walking distance so kinda gutted. Surely I'll get the next one..


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Nothing so far this season. Anybody else in the same boat. Thought I would have got Thistle.
If you aint got 1 yet then I doubt your on the away scheme as everyone should have one by now. I would double check with the ticket office if I was you.


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Nothing so far this season. Anybody else in the same boat. Thought I would have got Thistle.
Same here, nothing for me or my son so far this season apart from Patrick on Tuesday on CCCS, ticket office have confirmed we're signed up for away games but haven't allocated us any yet.

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Only the Thistle League Cup game in my allocation so far, will have to get onto the ticket office if a Hamilton ticket is not forthcoming and other Bears on the scheme are onto their 2nd league match.

Diego Maradona

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If people haven't got a ticket now and have been on the scheme from the start, then the games a bogey. Many have had 2 tickets.

Either tickets for their pals, or run really badly.
Aren't away cup games seperate from away league games? Used to be the case that the CCCS was a separate scheme, if they've bundled them all together fair enough, I just tick all the boxes anyway.
It's been the one scheme for many years now. Im bemused that some fans still don't know this.


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None for me, only Motherwell away so far. No complaints though, it WILL even itself out.

Those who've not received any tickets I'd get in touch with TO to see if you're actually signed up to the away scheme.


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Can't find the number to phone there ticket office anywhere.
Was it in person you could buy them off Hamilton??
01698 368650 that is the main number

Probably have to buy in person pretty sure Hamilton doesn't have debt/credit card facilities , legacy of their own financial problems


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That's me had Motherwell, Thistle and Hamilton away league games in my allocation. So, that's 3 oout of 4 away game's in the league. Bizarre.
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