Heart & Hand Podcast in the Top 20 British Podcast 2020


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Thank you guys. For an independent pod - and we truly are, no investors or large corporate backing - it’s remarkable. Only possible bu the listeners. They made it happen and we’re so chuffed they did!
Suspect that if it had been suggested when H&H started up that you would be invited to participate in the club’s press conferences, you have saiid “aye that’ll be right.” Well, it happened and well done!


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Well done all

As others have said great content - loved the presidents show - and the current engagement with the club is a real bonus. Also loved jacks interview with warburton the other week and hoggys shows Are a good listen.

The continual evolution of h and h over the years and It’s representation of us, as real folk that like music, serious history and batman among other things, is the true success of the platform and far far removed from the tired old offerings of the media in Scotland.

More power to you!

But not too much


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Brilliant pod. Vast and varied content with some excellent and knowledgeable podders. Great value. I'd be lost in a sea of Scottish meeja shit without it. Or worse still, have to talk to thd wife.

Well done to David and the team.


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Amazing. As I said in another thread where else do you go from the Advocaat years to the Springfield files to learning about America’s presidential history. The podcast has genuinely been educational for me and the effort the guys go to is second to none.

Sam Minella

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The Heart and Hand Podcast is part of my daily life now - I urge every Rangers fan to subscribe, the £1.99 tier is incredible value for money.


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Wouldn't want to do without it now.

They have built a great group of podcasters.

It doesn't matter if its Rangers, non Rangers football or non football content its always high quality.


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David and the rest of those who do it make it sound easy; that's the best compliment I can find, because it obviously isn't easy. Congratulations.
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