Hibs forward offside, but move on a frame and hes not offside


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This is the verdict of sportscenes top expert Stewart on the equaliser today.

Says yes the hibs player is offside but the next frame he's onside so it's not the linos fault that the flag didn't go up.

I say if the lino was in the Correct position to see it then he should have flagged but didn't because he wasn't in the right position to look across his line.

The case today is the same as I have seen at Ibrox when we are defending the Copland goal. The lino is rarely in line with the defence.

So it is a "maybe aye, maybe naw" incident in Stewart''s eyes. What a lot of shit, offside can only be yes or no, nothing else.

TV stills clearly show the Hibs player was offside but as the incident goes against Rangers the Rangers hating scumbag wants to muddy the waters.

Personally I thought it was a hard call for the linesman to make and it is one of those very close calls that you just have to accept will go for you and against you many times a season until VAR is introduced in our penniless backwater.


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It involves us so he’s doing his best to downplay the incident. Trying to tell the Rangers fans to shut up and stop complaining.

Likewise when Halliday suggested Porteous should’ve been sent off, he scoffed at him.

Lots of ‘50/50’ incidents (ie sending offs, offsides, fouls etc which folk argue about) involving us, has he ever argued our side of the fence on any of them? For a ‘neutral’ I don’t recall SNP member Stewart ever doing so.
Not only that they showed that incident for seconds but showed the Hagi incident which wasn't a red card 3 or 4 times


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This is what we are listening to on telly from a so called tv pundit.

This is the country where a ball can go into the net and rebound into the penalty area and the ref hasn’t seen a goal. One frame the ball is in the net, next frame it’s not, answer = no goal.


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Anyone any clips of the first goal ? I want to see where Nesbit was before he won the knock on. I’m pretty certain he is about 2/3 yards offside


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So is this a new offside rule,
If a player is in front of the last defender when the ball is kicked and the last defender catches up with him he’s not offside.


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Struggling to remember a league game where we didn't get some utterly baffling decisions against us, even games we've won. The tainted mob* though, when's the last time they had a decision against them that cost them points?
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