How will our club handle lack of finances


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I tried to post this on an earlier thread that was deleted.
We don’t know if these discussions have taken place.
It’s possible that we don’t want to go public with this at the minute because of the obvious fallout there’d be from this.
The press, to my mind, would have a field day if Rangers announced this, more so, if we’re amongst the first to do so.
The references to 2012 will be plentiful.
Regardless of the unique situation, we’ll be accused of financial mismanagement.
King and the board will be slaughtered.
King will be challenged on his £30m spend claim and his “spending the children’s inheritance” comment.
My thoughts here might be pie in the sky but, I’m not going to slate the board or the club until I know they’ve done something wrong.
This “transparency” word has become a noose.
Sorry @tazzabear not sure if you meant that you tried to post what I posted on a previous thread, or if you disagree my choice of the word "transparency".

Regardless, I do agree with you. Maybe we don't need the transparency stating that the players are taking a wage cut (for example). As long as the club are taking the necessary steps behind the scenes to ensure that we are financially stable during this difficult time then I can't complain.

All of the examples you give are exactly what I meant when I said that people will write their columns/blogs about our situation. But if the club do need our help then I'd like to think they'd tell us instead of keeping quiet. And that's all I meant: as long as we're not keeping quiet out of fear.


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Glad we agree, basically, transparency doesn’t mean exposing ourselves to the footballing world, and beyond.
I’d be very surprised if the club were in any real financial trouble but, I’d expect, demand, they give us as much notice as possible to give the help we’d need.

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Will there actually be a shortfall at the moment though? The club wouldn't have expected to receive much in the way of ticket sales for March-May and we don't have policing/matchday costs to pay.
Assuming we have clarity by mid May then I don't really see the issue. We also have Europa league money which wouldn't have been budgeted for.


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I think this is an important point, We will have to dig deep but hopefully we are now in a position where the club can tell us exactly the amount we need and can explain it, and I think we will rise to the challenge. In the dark days while we were desperate to help nobody knew where the money was going which ultimately must have stopped people contributing.
Yet here we are in a current predicament of people losing jobs, having no money coming in nowhere near the scale of 2012. Yet we will 'know the score' and folk will chuck money in.

Not sure whether to laugh at the simple nature of your comment, tbh.


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To Everyone saying sell season tickets , how can they sell tickets for a new season that nobody knows if and when it starts ? If the old season is actually finished , and if we will have a full league to play against by the time this is all over.


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Yet here we are in a current predicament of people losing jobs, having no money coming in nowhere near the scale of 2012. Yet we will 'know the score' and folk will chuck money in.

Not sure whether to laugh at the simple nature of your comment, tbh.
I didn't say folk would 'chuck' money in. What I said was that this time we would have a clearer picture of how much the club needed and also trust where it would go.
The nature of the comment may be simple because it was meant to be. The club may need x amount and I believe the support will do what they can to help. Because of the current crisis some may be able to and some won't.
Horrible though this whole episode is, and might be, it shouldn't mean we can't discuss the club's finances.

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Completing the season generates income for teams because the tv money and the prize pool that is currently sitting in limbo gets released.

The PFA only has so much power. If the league decides to press ahead and the clubs request that their players play games there isn't much anyone can do to stop it happening.

The only way this season gets concluded is behind closed doors imo.
The sponsors can't really refuse to pay for matches which they have already televised, or benefited from. If this money is in "limbo" it is accessible.
You think that if the clubs ask for players to take part in BCD, they can force the players to rissk their health/life?
I've said elsewhere that playing behind closed doors is the same as Tescos being open for business, but having the tills closed. Won't happen. Can you think of any company in the world operating for free?
If the SFA/SPFL force such a decision on the clubs, then they would need to compsate the clubs for loss of income.
If football is not safe for fans, it is not safe for players.
If one player were to become ill playing BCD, then the SFA/SPPFL would be sued out of existence.
Despite the made up nonsense you have posted, it cannot be ruled out in Scottish football, unfortunately what the Mhankies want, they usually get. I think this would please you.


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We have no idea of when the new season will start and how many games there would be. Scottish football is clueless and goodness knows what 'solution' they'll find for 2019-2020 season.

It would be unreasonable for the Club to ask the support to pay for season tickets.


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I think most of our cash is up front from season tickets and will come from uefa tv/prize money.

I'm not sure how much we make on match days. Other than tickets. I'm sure any food, merch from the super store doesnt go to us.

Dont think we'll miss the ticket sales from 342 fans in the away end.

Happy to be corrected.
Does UEFA pay in stages during the tournament or at the end. That could be a worry.