Hurtado and Campana from the South American U20 Tournament


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There have been some decent performances at the SA U20's but a couple of strikers worth keeping an eye on are Hurtado of Venezuela and Campana from Ecuador. Both have decent pace and technique so with both being 18 they still have plenty of room to improve.

Added bonus of some commentary you just don't get on Sky:



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both beyond us hnfortunately (if thats what this was :D)
Not talking about us as I don't think we'll be signing any players from this market. We need to play the %'s so will be be going for players more likely to settle in this environment - unless they are an outstanding bargain (unlikely).


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Morelos was already in Europe so I can't really see us going for players who have to settle in the Scottish environment - not saying Finland is the same but it's probably got the same sort of weather

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