Ibrox Renovation Video Tour


Fantastic view of our club! Other than its preface of Big DJ chewing a wasp?
54 they need to get the painter back in for 55!
Great too see that big DJ can still get into a 38 regular


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I got asked by my mate in work, How can you miss a building so much?

My answer was, Its not just a building thats why, its home. Its memories, its some of the biggest and best moments of my life and some of the most crushing lows as well. I'm surrounded by family when I'm there. Its the one place, no matter how much time passes, how often I go, that I cannot get enough of, from the smell of the pitch to the wall of sound that hits on a big game, the floodlights on a european night, the feeling of anticipation in the air.
Its Ibrox.


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That was a great watch, the difference is amazing. Huge thanks to all the people connected with the club who made it happen, remember just a few years ago the stadium was allowed to get into a worrying state of disrepair. Big Derek Johnstone, my hero when I was a boy


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Is that brand new or from the start of the season?

Also, is that rangers staff getting served in bar 72?
November 2020. I’m sure we’ll get another one same time this year with Edminston House footage, as well as more improvements. Just great to see how the stadium is being improved tbh


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Sure that was out a while ago,hence 54 titles still on the wall.
Great video and the inner part of Ibrox looks a mixture of modern and old tradition.
Ibrox is amazing end off,anyone would be impressed with it.


I've enjoyed visiting all the old stadia in the UK and many abroad over the years but none come even close to matching Ibrox. What a ground.
Couldn't quite make it out in the video but did Derek say his chest size was, "38-regular"? :)


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Looks good - will be nice to be back soon.

One observation (which may have been covered already) - in the tunnel we switched the club’s honours to the left hand side meaning the away team will see these when lining up. Good psychology trick!


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Potential signings must be so impressed when they see the player facilities at the stadium, and that’s before they see the training facilities.