Inside Ibrox video

Dbear 65

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The Rangers TV stuff over the past few months has been outstanding. I'd recommend any bear not already subscribed for a mere fiver a month, and I believe every penny gets ploughed back in to make it even better.


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I thought their bit after the match the other night was superb where it shows the Gaffer walking out of the tunnel into the empty stadium with it all lit up.

Fantastic and professionally done.
The 'Inside Ibrox' post match videos are first class.

Unfortunately some might miss them as I nearly have a few times, because although it's uploaded well after the match & post match interviews etc, it curiously appears on RTV before these videos in time order. So if you search as I do, for only the latest content, you might never know it's there, which is a real shame, as for me it's unmissable.