Katic and Edmundson against the defensive sides?


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I don't recall hearing Gerrard use the term low block in any interview.
Well you and any of the other "PC" criers can enjoy him using the term in his postmatch interview tonight - funny to think he's still pandering to the lefties even now the women's world cup is finished, huh :)


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I get your drift OP, and I kind of agree. But against better attacking sides will he play Polster ahead of Tavernier??


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I think Connor Goldsons distribution is more than decent.
I was impressed with his passing in this match but he can be a bit too casual on the ball at times.

Personally think its Goldson and possibly another 3 fighting for that other cb spot this season.


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Of the three I prefer Katic and Ed(!) - Goldson was bit slack end of last season , however with the Swede on the way 4 players for 2 places is good

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Aye this modern sports science is a loada pish. Alf Tupper had a fish supper and ran a four minute mile half an hour later:)
Left and right backs.
Left half and right half backs with center half.
Center forward with 2 inside forwards and 2 wingers.

That's the answer!!

Oh, aye, and the magic sponge and a. bucket too.


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It's going to take time to see the best partnership game by game but Edmundson has some long pass on him. Will definitely be something we can utilise.


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Oh shu up you miserable lady's front bottom. Ive never heard him say it. I didn't say he has never used it just that I have never heard him say it. What is it with tadger like you on this forum that are always looking to jump down the throats of people? Full of them
Just generally sick of people like you talking absolute shite


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Katic would be my 1st pic center half. The big man would develop so much better if he had more game time. Cant help but think hes 3rd or maybe 4th choice if this boy from bologna signs


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Fair post from the op. Having a choice is a huge change and gives us the chance to rest Goldson. Stevie will have learned some lessons from last year.


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For the first time in a long time I genuinely feel we have a team that will dismantle these 10-men-behind-the-ball shitty teams.
Again, possibly being premature once more, but I reckon we are favourites for the league title this season.

The wine grapes will probably throw a shit load of money at players should they get Arsenal’s cash for Tierney but we are the settled squad. We have the experience of last year and the momentum.

It’s a no brainer. L

Then again, my missus has ‘premature’ as a pet name for me. Dunno what she is talking about.