Kerryfail Meltdown - It's the hope that kills you

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Any midfielder capable of holding onto the ball and waiting for space to open up will destroy that mob. I can see Lundstram just striding through the middle of the pitch to a 1 on 1 easily. None of their players take ownership and they either back away or run beside the runner.

They give the ball away at will

August 29th cannot come quick enough for me


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NGL, I’ll be a bit gutted if Hearts win as I would’ve been good for £1200 as I put a Midgyland/Hearts double on. Didn’t do the bet properly though and done Midgyland to win in the 90mins :rolleyes:


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This is going to be the story of the season unless we get some players in quickly.

Plenty of possession, but little cutting edge up front, and hearts-in-mouth stuff at the back.

On the players that are out there: Turnbull looks half asleep, Eddie has checked out, and Taylor and Ralston are simply not good enough. MacGregor is doing the work of three men.

Thought Starfelt was a little unlucky at the goal: he should have been stronger with his initial challenge, but after that it was a series of lucky breaks for them. Apart from that he's looked fine: quite fast, always looking for the simple pass.


It beginning to annoy me that apparently Edouard is only rubbish because the can’t be bothered. When is it going to drop that the magnificent Celtic have only been “good” because of the lack of competition. Nah, they’ll just blame the Tory Board.


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Such a shame they came up against such a poor Hearts side today. If they'd been up against Aberdeen, Hibs or St Johnstone for example I'd have fancied them to take a but of a pumping given how bad they look.


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See if hearts could actually pass a ball, they would have had multiple chances today. So many mistray passes or sloppy passes that cause momentum to be stopped.


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I'll say it now, the only way we aren't winning the league is if we have a huge collapse.

We scudded livi today not getting out first gear and having a starting 11 capable of winning the league not even starting. Anyone who thinks there's a danger we don't win the league knows nothing about football or is mental.
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