Leggo exposed Celtic's dirty media war back in 2007


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Maybe he could also find the photo of the ‘present‘ celtic manager spitting on a Rangers scarf at Ibrox.
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I would say surprising but it is not, that Boruc gets a talking to for a finger gesture at opposition fans and Alf and Halliday get a second booking and sending off for more innocuous gestures.
Especially Halliday, a fist pump from the centre circle!!
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I used to look forward to David Leggat’s blogs. I seem to remember he was threatened and intimidated, but I don’t know if this was the reason for stopping his daily blogs. The last of the investigative sports journalist.


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He was close.Cousin did score the winner at the Emirates which put Hull in the top 4 for a week
Cousins problem was that he just could not be arsed.

I’m sure his last game for us was the 4-2 win at the piggery and he absolutely destroyed them. Then got sent off.
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