Lennon job. Runners and riders


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Can‘t see anyone decent risking their reputation to become ‘the guy that blew the 10’. Will take big money to sort that back line out - there’s just nothing to work with there, Ajer the only half decent defender they’ve got. Plus they’d need to beat us twice to put it in their own hands - a tall order given how strong we look. Naw, I think treacle teeth is going down with the ship.

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Lennon will be gone if the sheep knock them out the cup next week. If they win Lennon is still in a job for a while longer.

They‘ll let the cup slide. They’ll be hoping and praying for us to collapse and hand them the league on a plate as usual. Lennon will only be sacked if they end up miles behind us.


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Don’t see them sacking Lennon just yet. More than likely be after the next old firm. They are shitting the bed big time but can’t afford to bring anyone else in until it’s completely necessary for them. Albeit I would love to see them squirm a bit but just don’t see it happening just now


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They won't be sacking Lennon, they are really only 3 points off us. We need to calm down and take stock a little bit, saying that we have the feel of a different beast this year, but it's still very early days.

Lennon walking away is a different matter, could see that at some point.


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No ‘they’ don’t.

They’ve backed Lennon with more than £20m since January. He’s their man, the cheap option - and he’s won everything he’s been in, mostly because we’ve let him.

He’ll be there until the seasons out, unless we get so far ahead that we’re virtually uncatchable.


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Eddie Howe about chucked himself off a bridge moving as far north as Burnley. Not a chance he would go there.


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Eddie Howe is not moving to Glasgow.

And even if he did I don't envisage him being the type to light a fire under them.

I don’t think it’ll happen and I know I really don’t want it happening. He would be a massive upgrade on that bigoted scumbag. I’m sure Howe will be looking for a decent EPL job


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They are not an attractive job at the moment for anyone.

Any manager that comes in is at risk of being seen as the guy that blew their "10IAR". Lennon's also just blown £35m over the last three windows so it's highly unlikely they'll be throwing more cash at it, particularly with the wage bill they have and a third season without the Champions League. Their biggest sellable assets (Edouard, Ajer, Christie, Ntcham) all have just 18 months to run on their contracts come January so they'll be under pressure to sell.

On top of that Rangers are on the ascendancy and if we win this title, their fans will go nuclear and we also have a crack at the Champions League.


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Bit clickbait OP. A few guys in work is hardly representative of full support, never mind their club.


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Eddie Howe wasn’t ‘homesick’ at Burnley, it was a family issue that caused problems with being there. I believe that issue still exists.


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We can only hope the Sheep beat them in the Cup Semi this coming Sunday.

We need to be at our best to beat Kilmarnock that day, we could be 9 points ahead (all be it with them having then played 2 league games less).

Their next domestic 'Home' game isn't until December.

They could crack in that time, especially if they suffer some hefty Euro defeats too.