Liam Kelly has signed a 4 year deal at QPR


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Good to see and good luck to him.

If the timing was a bit different and we didn't have young Robbie McCrorie waiting in the wings, he could have been a potential successor to Greegs


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Be interesting to see how he is with taking a pass from a Rob Kiernan under pressure.

Good move for the guy; ballsy decision to leave us for 1st team football and deciding that he would be able to make a big enough impact at somewhere like Livingston.


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Probably made the right decision to leave us, fair play to the guy.

Healthy wage increase and you get to live in London, not bad!


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Shame we couldn’t hold onto him for a little longer and start to give him more and more first team action as shagger ages.


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If he continues to progress, he will be Scotland’s number 1 very soon i’d imagine.

No regrets though, McGregor is what we need right now and McCrorie will hopefully ready for when it’s time.


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Always rated the kid and he went out and proved himself.

Fantastic move down to London for him. Pretty certain he'll be Scotland's number 1 sooner rather than later.


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Good move for him.

Think he’ll get a better move after this. Hes a really good goalie.

All the best to the big man

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