Liam Kelly has signed a 4 year deal at QPR

Good to see and good luck to him.

If the timing was a bit different and we didn't have young Robbie McCrorie waiting in the wings, he could have been a potential successor to Greegs


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Be interesting to see how he is with taking a pass from a Rob Kiernan under pressure.

Good move for the guy; ballsy decision to leave us for 1st team football and deciding that he would be able to make a big enough impact at somewhere like Livingston.


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If he continues to progress, he will be Scotland’s number 1 very soon i’d imagine.

No regrets though, McGregor is what we need right now and McCrorie will hopefully ready for when it’s time.
Good luck Liam........loved the way you intimidated the f*cking shite out of Hearts penalty takers in the Youth Cup Final;and I don`t think you were given a fair shot at Ibrox.... keep doing what you`re doing and recognition awaits..... Top Keeper..:cool:
Selfishly I would have loved ya to bring him back with a view to taking over from McGregor in a season or two.

Realistically we have a lot of keepers and Liam is at an age where he needs to be playing.
Bit surprised Warburton hasn't come for Wes. Possibly QPR don't have much to spend.
Think it will be a tough season for them and probably Warburtons last chance as a manager
Goes wrong quickly for him here and there is no way back for him.

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