Liverpool want 12 million for Kent

I want 12 million for my car. Doesn't mean I will get it. We need to relax, Kent is a decent player but there are others. He also had a lot of pretty poor games.


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Oh well bye Ryan

Let's remember the benchmark price but

If a Middleton or Jones has a better season, them the prices.

Glen Kamara was be worth 8 figures!

Blue Steel

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From James Pearce at the Liverpool Echo :oops:.

Ryan Kent's stock has risen north of the border during his season under the guidance of Kop legend Steven Gerrard at Rangers.
The PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year has kick-started his career after difficult spells with Freiburg and Bristol City last term.
Gerrard is keen to secure his services on a permanent basis but Liverpool's £12million price tag means Kent's future is likely to lie elsewhere.
Na no chance , they can %^*& off if they think we are using half the Morelos fee :rolleyes::D
For £12m I'd want more end product. I think Kent is a fantastic player but his final pass, decision making and shooting is poor.

An extremely exciting player who still has the time to develop and improve further but at that sort of money there is no chance.

He will probably go top half of the English Championship or to a team battling relegation in the English Premiership and struggle for game time. Which is a shame as he needs to be playing regularly.

Rangers would be the perfect stage or Ryan Kent but sadly money rules football these days.


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If we can add that value to a player that was previously dwindling and would have been classed as a B- caliber at the time, imagine what would happen if they gave us one of their A+ prospects.

That's the message we should be trying to send Liverpool, not, 'can we get Kent back'?


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Bad news on one hand as I’d have wanted to keep him permanently, but on the other hand we turned a prospect who had kind of flopped into a £12m player, which should give us decent leverage for getting other maybe better prospects.

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A lot on FF seems to be living in the past regarding transfer fees. There were guys on here saying we'd get him for £2m or £3m.

I don't find this figure at all surprising when you see what Solanke, a guy with less first team experience, went for.

This is the going rate for young, English, high potential players.

It's also why the guys who are saying we should take £10m for Morelos are also off their heads.


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It's what Liverpool will ideally want but not get I hope a bit of player power and managerial contacts will be able to get the fee down


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Kent surely holds some power in this

He can refuse to move to a Fulham, West Brom for instance saying be only wants to go to Rangers

£5m tops is what we should pay imo anymore and its to risky


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One of the promoted teams will pay that type of money and Fulham were also interested and will use some of the Mitrovic money to get him.

I would have been happy if we looked to pay £5-6m for him but £12mis way too big a risk to take. One hammer thrower tackle and it's £12m sitting on the sidelines for a year.


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Do the feck. He’s not actually worth 1/3 of that (yet) he’s achieved nothing, he’s been entertaining but with very little end product in reality