Make yourself at home Gaffer


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Modern day social media guys, can't be helped and just the way it is.

End of the day the Gaffer isnt doing any harm and is just a normal young man out for a pint after being at football with the lads! The fact hes boozing in the District without a care in the world reiterates how much he's bought into the Rangers way and I doubt very much he would give a %^*& if anyone tried to put a negative spin on it!!!!

Stevie G down PRW, who would have thought eh! Fucking magic!
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Robert Marshall

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I’m in the trade mate and agree , lager is that cold now most of the session ones taste the same, on a blind test not many can tell the difference.
You will upset all the lager 'experts' that drink with their eyes. You know the ones,
' I can tell Tennents from anything' ;).
We sell more Carling now than we ever sold Tennents


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A real man of the people is our gaffer.

Good to see him chilling and having a drink in a Rangers boozer, nice touch and not something you see or hear a lot of these days.